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I may have messed this one up
I just got my first turn results.  I'm playing a Bard in the Brokenlands module.  I am now thinking that this was a poor choice.  I did not have any intention of playing multiple characters.  Just wanted to try out the game for a while.  The Bards ability bumps other players ability's.  I probably could have chosen a better class for a solo character. 

Also, on my first turn, I was not on a marketplace/trader square.  It also did not state that there was a trader in my starting position.  There was, however, some question marks on the map in the next room.  So I thought, first turn, I will look around and move to the next room.  My character is now in the next room in a space right next to a question mark.  I have no equipment.  I  recently read in the rules that the character always starts at a trader.  I think I may have missed my chance to equip myself and will soon be facing monsters with nothing but my Lute to hit them with.

This could be an interesting slaughter.

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