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Forum Difficult to See / Access // Website visibility
Following what appears to be a makeover of the front page I'd suggest that access to the Forums is less obvious now? Is it worth trying to get the sub-components of the website up higher and more prominent?

Looking at what you can find in relation to a search on Google for 'Play by mail' or 'PBM' it looks like is very low on the list of suggestions - Is there anything that can be done to bump the website further up the list? The reason I ask is that the amount of useable and current resources online is dwindling rapidly, and something like and its forum would really be an excellent resource for people if they had better knowledge of it?


Roy P
It's not done, yet, Roy. I am changing it, and once it is done, it will be as visible as before, I suspect. I am having to do it in bits and pieces, due to time constraints.

As for the placement on web searches, it varies. it goes up and down. It was higher up, when Google+ was active. There are reasons for that, also.

I appreciate you noticing, and for posting about it. None of it is finalized, yet not even the forum theme. Various aspects of the whole ball of wax are finally beginning to get some long overdue attention. You hang in there. I think that you will like the changes, or at least some of them, once we are done.

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