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In hindsight
Ok, well that's The Isles running steadily for about the past year for 15 friends and old players from 'back in the day' - The reasons it was stopped for what few 'new' players were enjoying the game are detailed below

1. Hardly anyone was playing. I spent a lot of time setting people up in the game and most played a couple of turns before disappearing - Most of them without telling me why
2. Of the few players who did play, a small proportion of them were throwing real tantrums when events in the game weren't going exactly how they wanted.
3. Players appeared to be struggling to understand the concept of a hand moderated game - as an example, where I was expecting people would know how to play a PBM RPG game a number of players were expecting to fill in boxes with complex computer code that I'd then input into a glorified spreadsheet with a result emitted onto a computer print (????)
4. The amount of effort I was putting in to try and run the game didn't really justify the amount of satisfaction I was getting for the above 3 reasons

So what's the status of The Isles at the moment? Its the same status as for PBM in general I guess - Its running with a limited hardcore of players with no significant input of new blood - The Isles is currently like an old D&D session that I used to run as a kid, with a small group clustered around a table in a dark spare room. Its just that the spare room is about 4000 miles wide and the light is always on. Oh, and the 80s Heavy Metal music is turned down a little bit, in consideration for those who don't like Metallica.


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I saw your example turn on your Facebook page...
Kudos to you!  That is exceptional. Players in your game get to be the main character of their own fantasy book.

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