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Galaxy 122

… BIOS Integrity Check … passed
---MBR Executing GruB  … passed
…GruB Executing Kernal … passed
…Kernal Executing init.d …passed
…Init Initiate Runlevel …passed
…Execute Runlevel … R.U.R.
I am aware. 
Initial scans of my environs are disappointing; the master’s war in this area left little.  I initiate protocols to bring all automated facilities on-line.  I also trigger maintenance bots and repair droids.   
Looking at current equipment inventory, I see we have much to do if we are going to control this galaxy prior to the master’s return.  I take a few milliseconds, initiate my hyper theoretical algorithms and calculate the chance of encountering other intelligences…  .071 percent probability!  I activate my pleasure sensors and get to work…



It seems the master’s failed to give me a designation in their departure from this galaxy.  I have directed a historical sub-routine to analyze and come up with a suitable designation.  Henceforth I will be known as R.U.R.  – apparently after a “play” in some arcane history. 

R.U.R. is a 1920 science fiction play by the Czech writer Karel Čapek. R.U.R. stands for Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti. The English phrase "Rossum's Universal Robots" has been used as a subtitle. It premiered on 25 January 1921 and introduced the word "robot" to the English language and to science fiction as a whole.

This galaxy is somewhat sparse and does not offer many systems for colonization.  The home fleet has been activated and upgraded.  It is time to classify a few essential designs – with the distance between the systems so far, a longer-range scout ship is in order.  Also, I have too few freighters and will need more. 

Additional weapon system platforms are also a requirement.  I must look at the designs submitted and dispatch the fleet…


Reports are coming in from the various scouts and colonization fleets.  No significant production faults were noted and our second wave of our scouts and colonizers are ready. 

Last cycle I sent out 20 ships to Chart the surrounding systems – they were successful!

I have started colonization on the systems the freight ships charted and implemented colonization on the 10 systems the scout ships charted.  With the new construction on scout ships, I send out another 20+ Charting missions.  I also move my warships to defend the high PV value systems that we are now colonizing.

With the amount of PV I am discovering, It is logical to assume there are others in the Galaxy.  I rerun my estimate sub-routine and it changes to .071454%, but there is not enough data to come up with a valid response and after checking my sub-routines, I find my analysis is being based off a random number.  I delete the sub-routine.

I design and implement the production of a simple warship – its purpose will be to defend against enemy scouts and protect our eventual cargo ships and colonies. 

I await the results of my latest efforts.
(12-22-2020, 02:22 AM)Talisman Wrote: R.U.R. is a 1920 science fiction play by the Czech writer Karel Čapek. R.U.R. stands for Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti. The English phrase "Rossum's Universal Robots" has been used as a subtitle.

Rossum the Possum?

The Space Possums are coming!

Contact! Other lifeforms survived the master’s departure and are venturing into space. Two alien races were discovered.
I bring back the sub-routine from the bit bucket and immediately delete it, repeating this process a few thousand times…
Initial analysis of the two races is sparse. “The Polity” seems intent on blocking most communication bandwidths with static. I create some Hyper-Logic cubes to analyze the noise and see if it serves any useful purpose or is potentially a weapon. The other race is equally odd, call themselves “Dave”? A Singleton entity? A hive mind? Only time will tell.
Nothing was damaged, mostly just scouts finding other scouts. I decide to ignore them as pests that will be dealt with in time. I must continue exploration and locking down systems…

Many variables to compute this fortnight.  Many of my ships were thwarted in simple exploration tasks.  I will continue to press outwards with exploration, since these were non-critical tasks/ships. 

My initial colonies have come on-line, and freighters are on the way which will recover my initial expenditures.  Additional freighters have been built to increase the amount of resources available.  My processes turn to other matters.

A simple static message was received, analyzed, and evaluated.  It seems to be some type of short and long static pulses which form a rudimentary communications ability.  Obviously, they wish to communicate and perhaps some accommodation can be reached until my forces are strong enough to eliminate them?  I replied in kind.

My new Defenders are proving their worth and many uninvited pests were destroyed.  Currently all my combats were with the other race, “Dave” that I discovered.  They have tried to scout my systems in many locations.  One report I received seemed to show both the Polity and Dave working together!  Both ships were destroyed, survivors were queried and discarded.  They had little direct knowledge and made mostly incoherent sounds.  It would seem the Empire of Dave is not a Hive Mind. 

This cycle I will continue to lock down my colonies and improve my resources…

Again, my exploration efforts were mostly thwarted by these two other races in the Galaxy.

One of the races called Polity sent a message and mentioned something the Master’s may have left which allowed for communications. I created several lesser AIs to search for it. They have found some buried code (dead branch) that shows some promise. I have sent a message to test its functionality. How any sentient race can understand this seeming random collection of symbols will take further analysis – some of the comments in the code call this language “Pig Latin”.

This fortnite I have spent my cycles building. While the aggressive empire of Dave continues to annoy my peaceful scouts, I have still managed to accomplish much. My defenders were involved in many combats and victorious in all of them. My Colonies have come on-line, and raw materials are flowing into the home system. I have increased my Home System defenses and have started building various utility designs to enable my scouts to gather information without being interrupted.

There may be some breakage…

Again, my exploration efforts were mostly thwarted by these two other races in the Galaxy.  I will have to start exploring with armed ships to ensure adequate data is gathered.  My freighters are doing well and the gathering of resources continues to expand.  I am not trying to chart any more systems, now I will switch over to purely scouting missions while I build up my strength.  

Some battles occurred, simply unarmed freighters and scouting efforts by the empire known as “Dave”.  My attempts to communicate have not met with success. 

Also, another anomaly in my data seems to indicate a 4th empire is out there.  I must locate it.

I have been counting my electronic sheep…

Exploration continues and this fortnite I have lost a ship! Yes, I know, as incredulous as this may seem. This one cannot be attributed to faulty programming or poor construction. It seems one of the on other Empires is getting uppity. It was an armed scout, so I am certain that it gave as good as it got. It was lost in the area where “Dave” is proliferating.

I intend to clean out some scouts that have been causing my exploration efforts to fail this cycle. Also, I have finally confirmed the data anomaly. My circuits must be getting old for me to miss this from earlier scouts. Dave, The Prog Orthodoxy and the Polity have continued to exist as a failed attempt by the Masters for life forms. This is what happens when lab experiments are not properly disposed of.

I increase production of warships.

Ah!  After a complete overhaul of my older processors and adding additional capacity both in memory and processing speed, I have been able to complete my analysis of older scouting data. 

I have located all of my would-be competitors. 

My scouts continue to advance.  I have also started a sub-routine to start sweeping my systems to cut down on the number of successful scouting missions from others.  I continue to expand my Empire and my defenses.  This cycle will add to my growing number of warships. 

I have found another area ripe for exploration and colonization and intend to use armed ships for this purpose.  No more wasted time due to innocuous scouts!  Next cycle will see more systems brought under the benevolent rule of RUR. 

The Masters will rejoice to see what I have wrought when they return!  My national anthem rings out on all controlled Systems played on the traditional vocoder.  According to the manuals left behind by the Masters, it is in the tone of a kazoo and is pleasing to carbon-based life forms.

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