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The Night Begins to Shine
"Nigel! Bring me The Axe!" David was brooding in the executive carrier, feeling a vague irritation. They had decided, as a band and as a civilization, to send some teams out on tour to see what new venues might be found. Numerous potentially-lucrative balls of ore were found orbiting nearby stars, but it was the 3 bright and shiny sensor blips that seemed to harsh on his vibe. Playing his favorite touring guitar helped David avoid thinking too much. And he really needed to stop thinking - every thought seemed to swirl around the idea that this was the calm before the storm...

"The Storm, we will dance as it breaks!!!!"


Well, I created my orders from scratch, without using the "suggested orders" bot. I got a distinct impression from my Cluster Wars days, which is high praise.

Without getting into details, I did the following:
- sent a new batch of scouts out
- set some existing scouts to "patrol" mode, to act as sentinels in various locations, waiting in the dark void...
- started the dirty work of colonizing a new batch of systems
- built a few mega-freighters, capable of upgrading colonies (should I ever decide to do that)
- built a few new military fleets, to start asserting some measure of space control over my local area
- sent a message using the in-game messaging tool to each of my newly-discovered neighbors

I also took a screenshot of my full galaxy map and started marking it up. I should probably just bite the bullet and download the client tool. We'll see...

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