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The Night Begins to Shine
Our music and story has taken over our world. Adherents of the Prog Orthodoxy have seized unilateral control of all economic and military assets, binding them to our new species-quest - to convert all of known space to maximum Adherency.

Next week, we launch our song into the void. So let it be written, so let it rock out.
[Image: NmFJDZqPvYpWikKM7]
Your avatar should be this...but with the "Boston" blotted out!
The mellotron chords ring out. The spotlight comes on, with a narrow beam, illuminating the man-child as he stands with a guitar slung behind his back, raising his hand as a plaintive cry erupts from his raspy throat.

“We Seek the Point of Know Return!!!!

- - -

Will submit first turn this evening. Is it the 3 of us, then? Let’s put this game engine through its paces, good people...
First turn submitted, later than intended, but not "late":
- used the suggested orders to frame up turn one
- put in my own empire name (the Prog Orthodoxy)
- got rid of the extra scouts suggested by the bot (I already have 10 scouts, I'd rather save the money for later)
- reviewed and approved the suggested ship design of a small, fast, 1-phaser "patrol boat"
turn 1 orders PS: I am debating whether to build another freighter or two. I can submit my orders, and then decide to RE-submit orders - only the most recent set of orders is processed. So players can submit a draft set early and be covered in case real-life schedules intervene and a full turn analysis is not possible. Since the turn is due tonight, I have the rest of today to ponder this freighter question.

Note to Davin - if the other players are done, and you want to process the tun now, please go ahead...
You can always use more freighters near the beginning of the game. Also, use all the ones you started with to Chart/Colonize as many places as you can reach as soon as you can get there.

I don't process Galac-Tac turns early, for a number of reasons, so you and everyone else has through tonight. The turns will process first thing in the morning (my time), which allows for a midnight deadline to be met anywhere in the world.
FYI - Scouts are really useful for intelligence-gathering (such as what areas your opponents are in and what is likely to be their beginning home world). But you don't usually realize this until the mid-game when you need the information and find out how much you should have done at the very beginning.
The chords sing out into the abyss, seeking new soils and waters to exalt. A number of nearby systems are now undergoing Harmonization. Our scouts are ranging farther out in an expanding bubble of cultural awareness. And a new fleet is ferrying supplies to a second ring of host planets. All the while, we grow our stockpiles, in hopes of releasing our first new interplanetary album.

- - -

Basic expansion underway, with assistance from the order generator. I suppose I could be building up a military fleet, but I’m hoping to keep expansion slow enough that I can squeeze in a tech level upgrade before any real conflict starts.

We sent agents out to scope out new venues for the orthodoxy and a number of them are now orbiting the same suns as agents from other bands. Maybe even from other genres! The mind reels, man. And this includes 2 distinct peoples, from completely unaffiliated labels!

We weren’t ready for a new audience to show up quite this early. Setting up a decent fireworks show on such short notice is going to take some doing...
(01-04-2021, 08:27 PM)ixnay Wrote: We weren’t ready for a new audience to show up quite this early.

Sounds familiar.

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