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The Stars Do Not Lie
LOG DATE: 3500-03-13

The Council reached a compromised with the Navy and the trade guilds. For the moment, the Navy will be content to establish picket lines while building a reactionary force. The guilds have been promised more access to the resources of the closer systems.
LOG DATE: 3500-04-01

The Navy reports that its first attempt to "contact" an alien ship has resulted in the destruction of that ship. The ship was, if I understand the scans, a small cabin wrapped around a very large engine. It may have been some sort of scout.

We have sightings in almost a dozen systems now. Space is more crowded that I thought just a few fortnights ago.
LOG DATE: 3500-04-02

We have learned the secrets of the Master's language translation devices. Messages are being transmitted to the aliens. There is some hope that we can join forces and await the Masters' return. We have ships, weapons, and supplies. The Council is deliberating and will soon announce the decision.
LOG DATE: 3501-03-01

For many fortnights now all effort has gone to securing the home worlds. The Pure Polity uprisings have been put down. Communications are being restored. Initial reports are not good. Freighters on resupply runs have been attacked. Several of the outer colonies have stopped responding to hails. Now that we have control of the Navy again, cruisers are being assigned to protect routes. Support is being sent to the farthest outposts. Manuals for the automated systems are being translated. Soon we may be able to drive the manufacturing programs.
LOG DATE: 3501-03-13

The Merchants are working hard to restore the supply lines to the outposts. They've accepted support from the Navy in return for establishing military ports in the colonies.

Our scouts tell us that we're outnumbered and outgunned. Many of the alien ships that we've encountered are remarkably different from the designs that the Masters, in their wisdom, have designed. Must we abandon their vision to save us from the hordes?

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