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PBM Game from IBM?
Does anyone remember the PBM game from IBM?

IBM Huh , you say?

Well, IBM had a marketplace, back in the floppy disk days, for developers to sell software via IBM. You got a floppy disk in paper holder, and all documentation was on the disk. One of the offerings was a PBM game. I had a copy of the game, and if I still do, it's in storage. It was a space game, along the lines of Starweb. I ran a game of it for a while, and Nicky Palmer was one of the players.

I was wondering if anyone else remembers it and what the name was. My GoogleFu has not helped me find it.
That's unexpected!  No, I don't ever remember such a thing (though I bought one of the first IBM PCs released to write Galac-Tac on), but I wonder if it's good enough (if you can find it) to re-publish and run?  I kinda doubt that IBM or an original author would care much at this point.
I figured out what is was, by delving into the archives out there.

Imperial Space Command. It looks as if you would need a DOS computer (i.e. not even a DOS box in Windows) to run it.
I've looked in the various downloads that are available, and the documentation is in files with the .dpf extension. From the looks of it, it's some version of a dot matrix printer file.
I've created virtual machines with ancient versions of DOS on it - perhaps that would run it?
The notes from the abandonware site above say it probably won't, but it would be worth a try.

I ran the documentation through a dot matrix to PDF converter and got a big file that's sort-of readable, but obviously missing stuff. The program comes with a DOS .com file that you ran to print out the documents, but it won't run under Win 10. It may run in a DOS VM. That at least would get the documents out.
I found the home page of the designer. He's now at Bioware and works on SW:TOR.

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