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Ship#2501 will not fit into hangar bay of carrier #1905
In my solo game, I have been playing around with different patrol boat sizes such as the following classification...
I cannot imagine why these patrol boats will not fit into an empty CV1A that is located at the same location.  They have no star drives, drones, cargo spaces or hangar bays. 
They are SSD 2. EDIT (Is this the reason for the error message?  The patrol boats are the same SSD as the carrier?)
Any help is appreciated!
Is this message coming from the game itself or from GTac's action checking command?  I cannot reproduce the problem here as yet.  Which CV1A are you trying to Assign it to?

(No, you can put 5 SSD fighters onto a 2 SSD carrier just fine.)
The message was coming from GTac's action checking command. I assigned the patrol boats earlier in the turn and just now saw my mistake.  My fault entirely!
OK -- thanks for letting me know.  I'm glad it wasn't a code problem.

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