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Galaxy #99 has started
Sooo.... Libertines and Pew Pew Pew, how goes the conquest of your galaxy? Have you destroyed each other yet, or are you concentrating on other denizens of the dark so far?

Is everyone else having fun, too?
I have not encountered "The Libertines" as of this writing. Sad

I have encountered the systems and/or ships of three other star empires as of this writing.

I am very much enjoying playing Galac-Tac, Davin! I am one of those sickos that enjoys min/maxing limited resources (PV/PI in this case) and exploration in PBeM games...

Kudos to you on running a highly polished game! The "GTac Assistant" is wonderfully configurable and is the most helpful game aide I have ever encountered in any PBeM game. Thank you!

Prime Pew
Thank you for the compliments!  I hope you get the chance for some military (or diplomatic) action soon.
Need help with a grabby neighbor?
The dude next door gettin' just a little too friendly with your innocent 10PV star system?
Call Pew Pew Pew and we will lay the POW POW POW smackdown on yonder greedy galaxy #99 gangster!

(standard rates apply, blah blah blah, small print, don't read this, you got better things to do like flossing and de-grouting the shower...)
Hmmm... I wonder who that could be, and if they'll reply to help conquer themselves?
I have not played Galac-Tac in a long time!  I am enjoying the game and have had the pleasure of running into several of you.  I have not seen "The Libertines".  

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