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Hyborian War: Special Variant Game #1

I bring word from Lee at RSI regarding Special Variant Game #1 of Hyborian War. Here are the parameters for this game in her own words. I am copying and pasting her e-mail to me, and posting it as a final update for how this organized game will be structured.

Lee via

12:33 AM (4 hours ago)

to me
I already said it's fine. Start collecting sign-ups for the game.

This is what you should tell everyone:

The changes:

50 turns processed before the game starts -- processed with empty kingdoms, i.e., aggressive kingdom maintenance. Kingdoms may be forced into exile as a result of this.
Tsotha-lanti will be added to Koth's characters on turn 1 with specified stats and # times for spells. I'll watch as it runs and resurrect him if he dies so that he will still be in the game on turn 51.

Players will receive the turn 50 results with a set due date for turn 51. This means that they can not delay submitting their orders for weeks or months as they do with other organized games.

This game charge will be be the normal charge with the regular $8 setup fee. All kingdoms must play at least 10 turns and may drop thereafter.

That is what you should tell the players.

Let me know when you have the 36 kingdoms filled and I'll get it going.


To sign up for this special variant game of Hyborian War, you'll need to register at The Road of Kings website, which can be found at Warbarron.Com.

Here is the link to the sign-up thread for this game there:
This game of Hyborian War was designated by RSI as HW-957.

I am playing the Kingdom of Hyperborea in this game, and we are headed into Turn #65. I'm still alive and kicking in this one, and have managed to grow my kingdom a little bit. I currently have four imperial armies, and two hundred and forty-two troops at my disposal.

This most recent turn, I reincarnated a wizard who had died. One can simply never have too many characters, nor too much magic, at their disposal. The last that I heard, my kingdom was ranked 19th by the game's ranking system. Not the worst, but certainly not the best, and lots of room for improvement.

Even still, it's a fun game - and it has been a fun game of Hyborian war for me, ever since it started, several months ago. My main focus in this game, to date, has been to try and rally kingdoms to take out the threat posed by the four barbarian kingdoms (Asgard, Cimmeria, Pictland, and Vanaheim), who had all decided to work together. I think that the Asgardian and Vanir players have dropped the game by now, but the Cimmerian and Pictish players are still hanging in there.
Is this played totally by mail?
(03-20-2021, 12:20 AM)RktSci Wrote: Is this played totally by mail?

It can be. A lot of players choose to send their turn orders in via e-mail, though, but turn results are sent from RSI to players via the postal service.

It is my understanding that if your turn results haven't arrived, and threaten your ability to get your turn orders in on time, they may send you a replacement turn by e-mail. There's not an option, as far as I know, to opt to receive turn results by e-mail, instead of by mail. E-mailed turn results are sent only as replacement turns for mailed turns that haven't arrived, after a certain number of days have passed. You would have to ask RSI, to be sure

I enjoy receiving turn results in the mail. It's a good distraction from the bills and junk mail, that tend to dominate mailboxes, these days.

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