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Hyborian War Player Aid
I have created a Hyborian War Player Aid and it would be great to get feedback from the community on how to improve it. As I am truly a beginner at this stage, I don’t know exactly what the experienced player community would want from a Player Aid. Although the primary goal of this Player Aid is to help new players (including me), it would be ideal if the Player Aid would be of value to all players.

When I learn a new game (board game or PBM), I often will create a Player Aid to help me in the learning process, and then share that creation with the larger community. I have also done this for Middle-earth and SuperNova.

The PDF download link for the Hyborian War Player Aid is:

Hyborian War Player Aid.pdf

Feel free to download and view a copy locally (click the Download link in the upper-right corner of the page), read it directly from the web page as an in-line PDF, or even print it out. Whatever works best for you.
Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. Currently playing: TribeNetSuperNovaMiddle-earth, and Takamo.

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