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A new set of thoughts on how to bring Midgard back
(02-16-2020, 01:45 AM)TheDarkSide Wrote: I feel the GM should always have the option to spin up an NPC clan in any faction to be used as needed. Maybe there should be some flag that sets the clan in a faction but does not appear on the senior reports as a clan in the faction. Ths NPC clans would be unknow to only those that actually encounter them,
I see good and bad points about that idea.  It's good in that I can stick my finger into factional activity and do things that I feel like need to be done there.  But that's bad because I'd have to "play" the clan and I really don't have time for that.  Besides, what's to stop me from creating a normal clan through the game system and playing it just like anyone else if I need to do that?  (I really don't feel like I ought to be using NPC players to manipulate things that PCs can't do.  If I needed that, I'd just create the change in the program directly out of nothing.)

Also bad is that I may not be doing what the seniors want me to be doing.  If I end up spoiling long-laid plans or goals, especially if I'm not aware of them, that's not going to make me any friends.  I also don't want to instigate hostilities with anyone that the factional leadership is trying to promote good will, and vice versa.

Right now, I'm leaning in the direction of not mixing PCs and NPCs at all.  I'll certainly have enough work to do (and opportunities) with normal NPCs already.
So Davin just state that the following are Closed and not for PC to play:

Barbarian (SeaKing)
Skelt (Land based Barbarian)
Blood & Fire
Cult of the Dark One

Just call it Davin and draw a line in the sand and state these factions are just NPC only, and lets move on with other topics.
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We talked about several of these being basically Organized and it's probably reasonable to allow them to have players in them (for those that really want to play in those sorts of factions). But IMO the Disorganized groups Bandits/Pirates/etc. should remain as NPCs. So try drawing your dividing line a little differently.

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