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(02-01-2020, 04:35 AM)Davin Wrote:
(02-01-2020, 01:58 AM)Steve Kort Wrote: This is why I would place the game 60-100 years in the future after another meteor strike, which could have even been religiously motivated like the destruction of the followers of Moorlock.  Explaining the non-existance of the Blood & Fire and Serkenar in the game.   Also further feeding the Banner as religious zealots of the One True God.   Their need to stomp out those of any other faith to prevent this from happening again,  as the One True God struck done the defilers.  This then makes any Heretics a major threat and whether you officially create the Cult of the Dark One as an active faction or the unknown forming faction that the Banner is looking to stomp out.   Rumors of Hidden Shrines and stuff will keep them running all over the place.

I don't have a problem moving forward in time instead of backwards as long as we can come up with a reasonable history to build out of it.  My biggest problem with another meteor strike is that the first one already strained credibility and I think that a second one is just going too far.  Can you come up with some other sort of reasonable-sounding calamity that can still happen well after the first strike and leave all the players and factions starting off on a relatively even footing?
That is the whole reason I have it i hit the B&F city Directly.  It is a sign from the OTG.  It instantly gives them tons of credibility with the masses.   The fact that they are wiped out makes the Banner that much more fanatical.  Makes all the Heretics and old gods people hide in fear.   Gives much greater reasoning of the hidden and secret nature of the CODO
Having a big "sign" like that from the OTG sounds like it would effectively eliminate the worship of any other God.  The reason there are multiple Gods to worship is in part because there's no irrefutable evidence for any of them, thus allowing contentious arguments to arise.  If nothing else, if the OTG strikes down one religion then who's to say all the others aren't in obvious extreme peril as well, and how do you get adherents in that situation?

It sounds rather unsustainable to me, rather like having "religions" for and against the fact that gravity works.  How can the "against" religion convince anyone of their beliefs?

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