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New and yet not
Been a long time since I wandered the halls of Charles' creation.  And even longer since I played any other PBM than Hyborian Wars (and a chess game, but that is with only a few friends).  I am endeavoring to change that.  I wrote games back in the day (70s and 80s), played a lot of wargames, RPGs, PBMs.  Never really gave thought to trying to write a PBM.  Would imagine it is not dissimilar to creating a multi-player RPG or wargame.

In any case, I have not played in a while, have little idea what is available or even what I'm really looking to play.  Going to be re-reading all my copies of S&D and see what I find.  Anybody have any suggestions for easing into PBMs?
Welcome back!  Of course there will be many available choices listed in S&D, and the next issue is supposed to have large (and pretty complete) lists of them when it arrives.  You might want to check out some of the places on Charles' PBM Wiki as well.  The lists there aren't all up-to-date, but they can give you some ideas to work with.  Of course, picking a type of game to play will help, too.

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