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I know that I can subscribe to forums/threads for email notification, but can this software support replying to threads via email as well?

(FYI, the reply-to addresses that I saw in my notifications said it was from "PlayByMail.Bet".)
Honestly, I don't know, since no one has ever asked me before, Davin.

As for the .Bet e-mail address, I'll bet that's been in the configuration settings for a LONG time. I tracked it down, just now,a nd changed it. It was likely just a typo from me. Check it again, and see if it is correct, now, if you can. Thanks for pointing that out!
The address looks fine, now.

I have an old Yahoo group for Midgard but Yahoo is changing their forum system from forum+email to email-only and I've told the members there that if they wish to keep using forum-based software that they could come here.  But since they may be used to using a mixture of interactive forum and email replies I wanted to see if those capabilities were both available here.

I haven't seen any commands here to reply via email, but it may be that it's possible but turned off in your configuration, which is why I thought I'd ask.  I'll run a quick test in a moment to see if it's here but invisible.

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