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Issue #20 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
Beware what you ask for!
Thumbs Up 
It is a good thing when your readers crave the new issue!
Thank you for your hard work promoting this wonderful hobby!
I sure hope that you'll be able to keep S&D going - we need this sort of focal point!
It is my #1 priority in PBM gaming right now. I will continue to help Charles in any way I can to see this issue published.
Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. Currently playing: Middle-earth, SuperNova, TribeNet, Hyborian War, Midgard, TakamoVictory, and Far Horizons.
any news on the publication of this issue? We love what you guys are doing.
I tried to summon it in early May, but I think I need to sacrifice a goat instead of a guinea pig...  Blush
Do we have to bury him in articles that he'll have to publish just to get out from under them?
Can I help with issue 20? Need an article? Want editing? Want me to take whatever you have and put the rest together for your review?
All - I contacted Grim, and I will be putting the next few issues together - we'll see how it goes. I'll try on the editor's hat, and we'll see how S&D works with a little dash of ixnay.

My goals:
- stay true to Grim's vision
- boost our hobby
- find a way to make new issues sustainably, now and on into the future

To that end, please send me anything you sent Grim for Issue 20 - suspense.decision "at" gmail dotcom. Send me ANYTHING. I have ideas, but I want this to be a community effort.
- articles
- requests for articles
- ads
- news items that ought to be mentioned
- zine publishing hints
- thoughts on how to best serve our community
Thank you, ixnay! I look forward to seeing new issues!

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