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The Dilemmas and the Pitfalls, yet PBM must go on!
So, Issue #18 gets published, and released to an unwaiting world. A handful of the PBM faithful rejoice. Then what?

Then, I buy software to keep things moving forward, that future issues might then fall into place with timely regularity. Then, the computer that I'm currently using (my son's) decides to begin acting up.

It works fine - in my wife's Windows account on it. When I try to use it in my account - No cigar, buster!

So, no big deal, right? I'll just use my wife's account, and just carry on like nothing ever happened.

Wrong, again!

Say what?!

I'm guessing that it may just be some corrupted files, so I'll just start the computer in Windows Safe Mode. Easy enough, right?

Oh, not at all! Not in Windows 10.

Thus, I will continue to tinker with it. If need be, then I will just get a new computer, and resolve it that way, or take it in for repair, and let someone with a bit more techno-genius tackle the problem.

And here you thought that the life of a PBM magazine editor was all play and no fun. Tsk, tsk, tsk. . .

At the very worst, I lose everything, and simply start from scratch. For some reason, though, I just don't like doing that. I'm not really mad about it. It's just annoying - frustrating, as old folks used to call it.

I'm glad I'm not one of them.

. . .ahem. . .

Oh, no, I have too many plans, way too many plans, for a computer malfunction to kamikaze its way onto the flight deck of the USS PBM. After all, we're at war, baby!

Just my resolve being tested, I suppose. Assuming, of course (and assuming is a really bad habit to get into, even on the very best of days), that there's even something "out there" testing my resolve "in here," inside the whatever it is that's inside of me that is the area where one's resolve gets tested. So, is it an external thing or an internal thing, or some combination of the two, I wonder.

Not that any of that matters. It really doesn't.

We've gotten this far, so as I see things from my perspective up on Resolve Hill, we'll just keep on moving forward, right through it all.

For now, we will, anyway.

The submission deadline for Issue #19 is September 10th, 2019, but the publication deadline is September 30th, 2019, so we've got a month to get it all sorted out. Grab a bucket and start bailing, is all that I can say!

Besides, it will be sometime in 2020, most likely, before one of the major phases of this overall operation will be launched.

Then again, one man's major is another man's minor, and vice versa, I suppose.

After all, if they won't come willingly, then we'll just have to bombard them into submission, huh? But, what does that even mean?

Rest assured, I know what it means, and for now, that will have to suffice. What should matter to you is that operational planning now extends into the year 2020.

PBM - It's gonna be a grind!
Auto-repair didn't work.

Now, I will reset Windows, which will effectively nuke all of the various software programs that I have installed on it. I don't even know what all that I will lose, but my personal files should remain intact, according to Windows.

I can't access my files from my wife's Windows user account, as it is not an administrator account.

So, reset it shall be! Here I go, into the wild blue yonder. . .
I have reset Windows, which has removed all programs that were installed after we got this computer. But, I am able to log in and function, under my Windows user account, once again.

The reality is that I don't know what all that I've lost, program-wise. I suspect that this will be quite the adventure, as I go to do various things, and discover that whatever software was necessary to accomplish that task, I no longer have that particular piece of software.

A lot of what I use tends to be open source of freeware programs, so any of those can just be re-downloaded, again. The computer, itself, is noticeably faster, so I do have that going for me.
I have downloaded and reinstalled the software that I recently purchased to create future issues of Suspense & Decision magazine with. The product key was validated, and the draft copy of Issue #19 loaded up, just fine. This is probably the item of most concerned to S & D readers, so you can relax and breathe easily. The real headaches will be on my end, not your end.

Oh, and on my son's end, since all of his game programs have now been vaporized. Ah. . .the sacrifices that we all must make, for the greater cause!

Forward! Ever forward!
Thanks for the update. It could have been a lot worse, so congratulations.
Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. Currently playing: TribeNetSuperNovaMiddle-earth, and Takamo.
I hope nothing critical was lost!  I know that with all the ancient software I still have hanging around on my machine, replacing some of it is now impossible as the original sources are nowhere to be found any more.  Data files I have backed up, but programs are generally hit-or-miss, so good luck to you with all of yours!

FYI - you might want to start planning for the eventual day when the computer hardware drowns in a sea of bits and come up with a recovery plan for that so it won't be so devastating when it happens.

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