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New software purchased for Suspense & Decision magazine
Issue #18 of Suspense & Decision magazine was published using a trial version of Affinity Publisher software, for those of you who might be curious about such things. My trial period has now expired.

Today, I purchased the software.

If I didn't intend to publish Issue #19, then I would not have made this purchase. The long term objective is not to maintain the current overall look of the magazine, but one of the objectives of Issue #18 using the trial version of this software was to see if I could largely emulate the look and feel of previous issues of Suspense & Decision.

However, while I did manage to get issue #18 published, and while using a new software platform, at that, there's still a lot about the software that I don't know about and haven't even experimented with. The most notable "progress" that Issue #18 evidences is the table of contents that contain links to specific pages, and the convenient links at the bottom of article pages that allow would to quickly make their way back to the table of contents page. Perhaps it's not aesthetically pleasing, the way that I did it, but it does attest to a greater degree of functionality for the magazine, compared to what I was previously working with and able to accomplish.

As I become more and more familiar with the new software, it is my hope that the magazine will begin to take on a more polished look - gradually, of course.

For those of you out there who want to create a PBM magazine of your own, feel free to give Affinity Publisher a look. Affinity Publisher can be found here:
Excellent. Best of luck with the learning curve. It looks like a nice piece of software from their website.
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