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developments and undertakings
PBM development is sparking through the aether...

Paul Mouchet wrote a highly inspiring article in S&D 18 on the trials and tribulations of crafting his own PBM project: (page 6)

His game is called Norfolk Warriors

There WAS an open project to rebuild Vern Holford's Cluster Wars PBM.  The accompanying forum has been dormant for a year, but perhaps it will light up again?

And Rinzai has alerted us to Prosperous Universe -- a game so tantalizing that I started browsing through their forum and found they seem to be *hiring* -- looking for designers and developers to join their remote team.
Hey Ixnay,

Thanks for the shout-out about my game and the article in S&D 18.

Another new PBM is A New Dawn:

"A New Dawn (AND) is a Play By Email game (PBEM). It consists of simultaneous turns taken through sending in a spreadsheet with your Civilization's orders.  Initially, your civilization is more a band of similar folk than a historic civilization but under your orders, that may change. Turns are produced periodically. A report is provided with the results of that turn based upon the requested actions. AND is player driven in that tools, buildings, desired systems, will be developed by player actions. Interactions with Non-Player Characters will occur and will be based upon the player's actions as well."

It's been around for 18 or so months, and it's still in beta. While in beta, the game is free. The GM, Nicholas Vitek, is looking for additional players.


Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. Currently playing: TribeNetSuperNova, KnightGuildMiddle-earthTakamo, and Wraith.

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