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board game opponents?
Anyone interested in a little board game action, online?  I do think this falls under the realm of turn-based gaming, even if it is just a port from the tabletop. The main plus is that we can finish a game in a matter of a day, a week, a month tops.

I like a site -- -- that is simple, free, and not too heavy on the browser.  I think "Macao", "Terra Mystica", "Navegador" or "Russian Railroads" would be appealing to most PBMers.  I have a particular fondness for "A Few Acres of Snow", which depicts the French v. English conflicts in colonial territories, but it's only 2-player.

If anyone is interested, I can help ramp you up on rules, or we can pick any other game on the site.  Sadly they don't have one of my favorites -- Tzolkin -- but that's available on Board Game Arena.

I will do a full write-up of any games played, for everyone's amusement.
I'll sign up for the site, later today. So, if Issue #18 doesn't show up, after all, it will likely be Bernd's fault.
Bernd, keep reminding me of this, and I'll try to join a game of something or other.
Have you played modern board games much, lately? Any that you particularly favor?

And do any other readers want to take a stab at it? If there are veterans, let's play a public game to shed light on the concept for our legions of readers. If there are only noobs, let them signal their interest by posting what KINDS of board games they might like, and I can make suggestions.
I am pretty willing to try any boardgame, its hard for me to get out to gaming sessions nearby, but I would love to try online.

Are these PBM style where you do your turns at asynced times or do both players (or more) need to be logged on and all playing together?
I’m active on, Board Game Arena, (similar time Yucata, but French instead of German), Board Game Core, and a couple of 18xx game sites (train games.)

In addition I have Vassal, Tabletopia, and Tabletop Simulator.

Thousands of games available, all kinds.

Pick a style, genre, number of players, and/or complexity and I’ll recommend some games to try.

The most PBM-like might include Twilight Imperium, mega civilization (which goes to 18 players), the old Magic Realm, or the ancient but still awesome Diplomacy.

Most can be played asynchronously though some new players would benefit from a live virtual session or two to train up.
I think a rousing 7-player game of Diplomacy would be a hit for this forum - are there 6 others who will join me? The rules are dirt simple, there are many web apps that host it, we could have a fun public spectacle, and perhaps make a core gamer cadre that can then take on some other big, traditional PBM game.

Speak up, oh forum lurkers!

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