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Approaching the PBM Equation from a Different Angle
(08-13-2019, 02:09 PM)ixnay Wrote: So let's do this again.  We have Galac-tac -- Davin is ready to host a game -- it's a stable platform -- Davin and myself will be glad to help anyone out with drafting orders -- the only requirement is that you post something on it every turn, even if only a little tidbit.

Galac-Tac game #60 is still out there waiting for sign-ups.  If you'd like to play, go ahead and create an account on the Talisman Games web site and then send me an email or post or PM to tell me who you are so I can credit you with your free play time.  I'm happy to answer questions, provide introductions, and discuss various strategies, either on the Galac-Tac forum area (so everyone can benefit) or privately.  You may also wish to create a "solo" game to try out your strategies against the computer before visiting them on unrelenting human players.

As I've been reminded, Galac-Tac starts out as a "blank slate", upon which you get to impress your own "flavor" of play.  So come up with a concept you wish to model your empire on and then role play it with names, designs, and inter-empire communications to the hilt.

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