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Approaching the PBM Equation from a Different Angle
Here are a couple of the threads we did when doing a forum-centered game years ago -- Far Horizons: - Grim's Darkseid, with the legendary dreadnought "Granny Goodness" - my own 2nd Order of the Consortium

This highlights how much fun and enthusiasm can be generated by posting a play-by-play and hamming it up with the role-playing and smack-talk.

So let's do this again. We have Galac-tac -- Davin is ready to host a game -- it's a stable platform -- Davin and myself will be glad to help anyone out with drafting orders -- the only requirement is that you post something on it every turn, even if only a little tidbit.

Charles, you in? Anyone else reading this?

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RE: Approaching the PBM Equation from a Different Angle - by ixnay - 08-13-2019, 02:09 PM

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