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Approaching the PBM Equation from a Different Angle
(08-11-2019, 03:50 PM)Participant-Observer Wrote: I dunno. I'm not sure how interesting "bought shields and installed a new drive. Stay tuned for my next turn report next issue" will be after several weeks. Wink
Maybe it just needs a different approach, such as...
  • I finally bought my shields but I had the deuce of a time figuring out which ones I needed.  It's a tough balancing act between protection and power draw and cost.
  • My ship really needed a new drive, but I couldn't figure out how to interpret some of the confusing options.  Eventually I settled on something that I hope will work for me, but it's going to be awfully expensive if I have to trade it in later.  My old drive was about to break down completely (or blow up) and I had to get a new one right away.

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