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Approaching the PBM Equation from a Different Angle
Back when I ran Starforce Battles as a PBM game, originally, I ran it via the mail (postal service), and the inability to program it to automate certain functions meant that growth of the player base, itself, was the main threat to the game. Eventually, the use of macros helped to off-set this to some degree, but processing the turns manually meant that there was an inherent limit built into how far that I could grow the game, player-wise.

A lack of discipline to keep the player size manageable, and my enthusiasm at that time to keep on adding more and more players, quickly began to manifest the problematic side of the equation.

I ran Starforce Battles outside of the "known" PBM circles, so it was never advertised in a PBM magazine such as Paper Mayhem and Flagship, back in the day (which also makes me wonder how many PBM games were ran beyond the eyes and ears of the PBM press, back then.

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