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In the aftermath of destruction, PBM seeds begin to grow anew!
Annihilation is a funny thing. Though the dust and the soil are well-settled, here, blades of interest have begun to take root, once again, in the realm of play by mail. This is not a clarion call. No heralds need apply. I am just stirring in my musings, and pondering what yet could be.

Files from a hard drive of a computer long believe dead have been resurrected. An archaeological team has been dispatched. I shall proceed with caution.

The magazine is dead - Long live PBM! It is probably best to leave it in stasis. I have, after all, other fish to fry.

Yet, deep within me rumbles an urge, ever so slight. The tectonic plates shift, once more. Something stirs within the deep that lies somewhere inside of me.

There is nothing to see, here. Please, move along!

Just keep moving.

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