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Currently dealing with some family issues - namely, an aunt and an assisted care facility type issues, so I am even more out of the loop than usual. Just having to sort some things out, and trying to find her a different place to stay. Just issues from real life taking precedence over everything hobby-related, at the moment. 

That said, I should begin compiling Issue #18 of Suspense & Decision, soon. Just as a reminder, the next several issues of the magazine will likely be a bit on the thin  side, just to facilitate faster publication of issues. We'll try it, and see how it goes, but real life issues have a way of taking precedence, regardless of how well or how poorly that we're doing with publishing the magazine. I just wanted to drop in long enough to give a heads up to everyone, so that you won't think that I've fallen off the Earth, again.

- Charles -
Glad to hear you're still out there. Definitely take care of family first!
I've already begun compiling Issue #18, Davin. I suspect that it will be published in the next week or two, perhaps sooner rather than later. My time off just keeps on getting eaten up with non-magazine issues.

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