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Issue #18 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
John Davis sent in an ad for Issue #18 for MiddleEarthGames.
Edward Lane Of Harlequin Games has contacted me, informing me, "We're definitely still up and running , indeed the Legends game Immortal's Realm 8 just started up. I hope there is a bright future for Suspense & Decision, and for PBM in general."

He has also said, "We will try and get you some nice looking ads shortly - what date are you needing any updates in by, if they are going to make it for the next edition?"
Today has been a very productive day for compiling of Issue #18, the best day to date for this issue, in fact.

Did I mention that I had to start over?

Compiled, thus far, are four articles, and an assortment of ads, as well as a few placeholder pages for things that I have to incorporate. I wanted to get an idea of what Issue #18 looks like, thus far. It's starting to take shape, people. I think that's another couple of articles lurking in the shadows that I still need to review, revise, and incorporate, yet. We're getting there, though.
I better hurry up and get something submitted to you!
Thus far, I have compiled a total of seven articles into issue #18.
Note to self: Margins, margins, margins!


How in the Hell did I mess this up? Well, it appears that a major revision will now ensue. It was purely by luck that I caught it.

A "slight" delay, but one that I should be able to recover from by Monday.
We don't need no stinkin' badges margins!  Tongue
(08-17-2019, 03:13 PM)Davin Wrote: We don't need no stinkin' badges margins!  Tongue

Ha! A4 paper format is more narrow than US Letter. If anyone wants to print outside of the US (and not shrink the whole page), then margins become quite useful.
Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. Currently playing: Middle-earth, SuperNova, TribeNet, Hyborian War, Midgard, TakamoVictory, and Far Horizons.
The biggest advance in Suspense & Decision history was just made!

This is not, however, the droid that you were looking for.
If you are on the PBM mailing list, then you will have been sent an e-mail giving you a glimpse at the front cover art for Issue #18 of Suspense & Decision magazine.

If not, then you have to wait, like everyone else.

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