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Play By Mail - A Destination of Interest
Normally, editorials by me in this section tend to only appear every so often. This one, however, comes quick on the heels of the last one, The Man in the Mirror of Play By Mail.

But, it is in keeping with the objective of transitioning this forum site into a destination of interest in its own right. In order to accomplish that, I am going to have to become a man in the watchtower of my own site. I'll need to post regularly - and frequently!

Others will, as well - but I believe that we can start out slow and build to a crescendo that denotes and gives evidence of a site that is not just existing in the backwater of PBMers' thoughts, but a full-fledged head-on flurry of activity.

In other words, if PBM is in a Hell of a shape, and if all that we have labored towards, PBM-wise, is in a Hell of a bad position, then it seems to me that the only clear choice at this juncture in time is for us to bust out of this Hell of our own creation.

We can do that by building a staircase to a new PBM Heaven, a new era in PBM gaming, made out of the skulls of the doubting Thomases that populate the planescape of the gaming universe. Out of the ashes of doubt, we'll make concrete - concrete action!

Feel free to join me. I'll already be there, when you arrive!

I sent another mailing out, this morning, and I've been responding to some recently arrived e-mails from PBM personalities.

And what have you done for PBM, this morning?

Don't tell me in a PM! Don't tell me in an e-mail! Tell me in a forum posting, right here on PlayByMail.Net.

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