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The Rise of The Lancer
Recently, 4 Nomad Platforms were obliterated by Lancer missiles in the same turn, and by the same empire,
 causing a flurry of questions to be raised about how it could happen, and what could be done to prevent it.  The simple answer appears to be "stop using Platforms if you are not a Nomad'.

This successful use of the previously under-utilized Lancer missile has created a galaxy-wide increase in production and deployment of the Lancer ship, and huge swaths of the galaxy are now being scanned for Platforms. When they are found, they are mercilessly targeted by Lancer crews.

Unfortunately, due to the limited ability of a Lancer to be targeted at a particular world, some neutral Nomads have suffered at the hands of these Lancer sweeps.

That targeting drawback has recently been corrected, and now Lancers may be directly targeted at platforms owned by a particular empire, or anyone with whom the owner has declared War.

Massive Lancer fleets, some numbering upwards of 60 ships, now blanket the galaxy, ever on the hunt for enemy Platforms, rooting them out wherever they are found.

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