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Stuff I'm working on
I was wondering a bit about their studies myself, but they are now among the leading Alamaze players: winning games, which is an accomplishment.  So either they are really bright, or the rest of us are having our filament lose some luster.  Probably both.

Bob, we can't just say every moniker sucks, or "PBM" is dead.  Again, I would like to hear stats on other games and perhaps unexpectedly, I hope some competitors are doing well.  I spent a small fortune on Fall of Rome and it never achieved the anticipated success.  I dramatically underestimated the importance of genre for players.  When we brought Alamaze back in 2013, initially then in its last form from probably 20 years earlier, but now with two generations in two years to updates to interface, code, etc, and 200 games started, it does have that nostalgic appeal to many players, but also now is so much easier to play with the web-based interface and order checking.  And I like to think the design in 3rd Cycle has been my best work.  

Bob, you are welcome to do a review if you are up for it.  Gauntlet.
Rick, is the 3rd cycle fully available for signups now? Your site says it's coming soon, but that was from a blog post in February. I might have to get back into Alamaze for a taste of that.

As for renaming PBM, it's looking like a dead horse to me. I do occasionally run across someone who is familiar with the old PBM term as I chat with acquaintances about my involvement in modern board gaming. On the one hand, people like that might warm up to our hobby given an old familiar handle. On the other hand, if they were disposed to get involved in PBM games, they would likely have done so by now. They would have done like me, after many years absence, and just googled around on PBM and Play By Mail, in which case they will no doubt find this forum.

New players? It's almost a non-issue. PBM doesn't apply, but "episodic gaming" is not really illuminating either. Nor is turn-based gaming. Poker is turn-based, along with Monopoly, Catan, Mage Knight, and Tiddlywinks. For what it's worth, I don't think PBM deters new players. It offers a bit of nostalgia, and the kind of people who enjoy these games will probably recognize and enjoy that.
Rick McDowell said:

"Bob, we can't just say every moniker sucks, or "PBM" is dead."

Did I say "every moniker" sucks? No. I said "episodic strategy gaming" sucks, because, well, it does, really bad. PBM may not be completely dead, but it's so close to being dead that it may as well be. It's not coming back, either. The sooner various stalwarts realize that, the sooner progress (of whatever kind) will happen.

And yes, to describe games in this day and age as "play by mail" does suck. You may as well call them puppy killers.
I've been referring to Cohorts as a Massively Multiplayer Turn-Based Game.

Remote Process Gaming (RPG) but the role-players would hunt us down with pitchforks if we tried to use their acronym.
(09-06-2016, 12:52 PM)BobMcLain Wrote: And yes, to describe games in this day and age as "play by mail" does suck. You may as well call them puppy killers.

I can work with that. Look for the puppy killers moniker coming to an issue near you!

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