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Issue #14 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
OK, here's a status update on Issue #14 for the faithful who remain interested in such matters.

It looks like the point where I last left off on it had a number of articles already compiled. I don't know that I can get it completed prior to January 3rd, 2017, due to work and other commitments that just gobble up my free personal time. It appears that even with the long delay, some things expected never arrived, but the issue is still big enough to print. I will need to fill gaps and round up an ad or two, and maybe proof-read it a bit.

Maybe if I try real hard, I can publish it before the new year actually arrives.

I'll also ponder things, anew, and see if I can pull my head out of my ass, and get things back on track, as was the case with the first ten issues or so. At worse, we fail - Again!

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