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Issue #14 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
(11-30-2016, 01:48 AM)Rick McDowell Wrote: Just checking in for any update.

I fear i agree with Bob, this is not a sabbatical.  

I hope I am wrong, and if not, I hope a Phoenix springs from this effort of Grim's.

Honestly, Rick, you just never know.

Which sucks, I know, because knowing can be helpful. If you have any youth formula, then that might be a help to me. I will say that there's more than a little irony in individuals (more than one) who have said that PBM is dead to lament me disappearing from a hobby that they believe to be dead.

I didn't die (I appreciate the sentiment, fellows), but my cover artist's brother died. Perhaps I can rouse him.

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