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Issue #14 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine

Did you receive the Alamaze article?  I can't find the email address you requested that submissions be sent to.  I sent it to three of your email accounts but didn't hear back.
Has anyone heard from Charles in the last month or so?  I'm starting to get a bit concerned.  I understand if S&D is tied up, or something else has come up, but I've never seen him not respond to emails in the 10 or so years I've corresponded with him.  Hope everything is OK.
I don't want to be morbid and apologize if I'm mistaken, but this wasn't him, was it?
Oh God.  I sure hope not, but it sadly seems like it might be.  I'm embarrassed to say I am not sure what state Charles lived in, and he never went by "Jr.", and said he had named his son Titan.  52 sounds about right, self employed in telecommunications seems like a possibility.  In Dec 2014, he said he was feeling better, but didn't elaborate.

I'm praying this wasn't our Charles Mosteller.  Though I never met him in person, I consider him a friend and he did a lot for Alamaze, gratis.  And for all of the Play By Mail community.

Someone tell us he is ok.
I believe it's him. If it wasn't, I'm sure he would have posted a denial. I do know that Charles lived in South Carolina, which fits the obituary. As the family asked mourners to donate to a cancer institute in lieu of sending flowers, it's a fair bet that this Charles died of cancer.

Very sad and unexpected.
Ohhh.  Damn.  I fear you are correct, Bob.  We have then lost one of the last champions of our hobby.
Well, I'm going to say that the fellow in that obituary was not Charles - or somebody is playing with his Facebook account. He changed his profile picture an hour ago, saying he was off to the polls...

I'm going to choose to believe that he's just 'gone silent' and is not actually 'gone'.
Well, if it's not him, then shame on him for not coming here himself, to his own forum, and putting the rumor to rest. At some point he has to decide, if he's still in a condition to decide, whether he wants to run a site and a forum, and publish a "magazine", and do it on a reasonable schedule, without going radio silent for weeks at a time. That's not fair to the handful who take his projects seriously and contribute to them.
I sent Charles a message on Facebook sever days ago. The message does not show that he has seen it, but his profile pic changed again this morning.

I have no idea what's going on.
I haven't been able to find him on Facebook. Can you send me a link to his page? There's another Charles Mosteller on Facebook, most definitely alive, but that's not him.

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