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Issue #14 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
I keep forgetting this, as it's totally different from the projects that I've done (and do):

"None of it is like work, to me."
"Since the 'only PBM publication in existence' doesn't really cost much of anything to publish, why would it need revenue from subscription-based advertising?"

As it truly is *your* publication, independent of the commercial realities of advertiser revenue and editorial workload and paid circulation, then of course you're doing it right. In fact, your way likely is the *only* way to do it, as there isn't enough of a market to make S&D even remotely profitable, and you're not worried about recouping the investment of your time and effort.

Let me make a suggestion not based on my bottom-line approach to everything: why not contact some of the gaming podcasts and ask whether they're interested in having you on the show to talk about play-by-mail? They may not have heard of play-by-mail, or just heard of it vaguely, but most podcasters are always looking for new content, and I think play-by-mail could be pitched as one of those historical, quirky topics that you often find at the end of traditional newscasts.

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