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Issue #14 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
(10-02-2016, 05:23 PM)BobMcLain Wrote: I agree that each issue of S&D (which, admittedly, I only skim) seems to have stuff in there that shouldn't be in there, and that gives the publication a strong fanzine vibe. I'd rather have the more amateurish stuff cut out. That would lower the editor's workload and deliver an all-around better experience. I also agree that you should charge for advertising, even if it's a nominal amount. Maybe make it "subscription-based": $100 per year gets you x amount of space in each issue of S&D published during the next year. If a moderator can't come up with $100 per year, even if he knows deep-down the money is being spent more to support the only PBM publication in existence than it is to attract new players, then who needs him, anyway?

I'd also consider making use of turn reports as "cover art". I'd be interested in seeing turn reports from different games, even vintage turn reports from games no longer in existence. The cover art now in use reinforces that fanzine vibe.

Nobody asked for it, but that's my two cents.

1. Specifically, which 'amateurish' stuff do you want cut out?

2. With regards to the editor's 'workload,' the real issue is time allocated to the magazine, not an actual workload, per se. None of it is like work, to me. As to the all-around better experience, that's overly broad and overly vague. What, specifically, does that mean, from your perspective, Bob?

3. Why would I want to make it subscription-based? To me, that would be wholly counter-productive. Those game companies and game moderators who can afford to advertise would likely advertise elsewhere, anyway. Because the magazine is an extension of a hobby interest of mine, the original objective was never to generate revenue/money. Furthermore, free advertising is geared towards trying to help small game companies/individual game moderators out, by facilitating them being able to get the word out about their games. Since the 'only PBM publication in existence' doesn't really cost much of anything to publish, why would it need revenue from subscription-based advertising?

4. I appreciate your two cents, Bob. If only everyone who reads it would give their two cents, from time to time.

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