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Issue #14 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
If this were 1980, having started "more than 200 games in the last three years" would be terrible. Schubel & Son, in 1980, probably made more money during a single month than you made in the last three years. But in 2016, it's really, really good. New games of Starweb start on the average of every two or three months.

I agree that each issue of S&D (which, admittedly, I only skim) seems to have stuff in there that shouldn't be in there, and that gives the publication a strong fanzine vibe. I'd rather have the more amateurish stuff cut out. That would lower the editor's workload and deliver an all-around better experience. I also agree that you should charge for advertising, even if it's a nominal amount. Maybe make it "subscription-based": $100 per year gets you x amount of space in each issue of S&D published during the next year. If a moderator can't come up with $100 per year, even if he knows deep-down the money is being spent more to support the only PBM publication in existence than it is to attract new players, then who needs him, anyway?

I'd also consider making use of turn reports as "cover art". I'd be interested in seeing turn reports from different games, even vintage turn reports from games no longer in existence. The cover art now in use reinforces that fanzine vibe.

Nobody asked for it, but that's my two cents.

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