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Issue #14 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
Grimfinger wrote:

> Paper Mayhem magazine is gine. Flagship magazine is gone. The various PBM magazines that Bob McLain was involved with in the past are all gone, now.

Gee, that goes back over 30 years, in my case. Why are they gone? Mine are gone because they didn't make enough money to justify continued production. I made more money selling the magazine to zealous would-be publishers than I ever made publishing the magazines myself. Nicky Palmer sold off his interest in Flagship to Carol Mulholland in the late 1990s for much the same reason. Carol had to diversify Flagship into a general games magazine to eke by. David Webber kept Paper Mayhem going until his death, but his day job was working for a printing press (where I'm sure he got discounts) and Paper Mayhem was never anything but an on-the-cheap fanzine. There were a few other UK-based PBM fanzine-type publications in the 1990s; none of them lasted long. It'd be a financial disaster to launch a print play-by-mail magazine today - in most cases, it'd be a financial disaster to launch ANY print magazine today.

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