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Duel II
Duel II
the game formerly known as Duelmasters

A bloodthirsty crowd roars as the gladiators enter the arena. Nervous but hardheaded team managers watch from their battle crested pavilions. Will months of training and patiently rehearsed strategy pay off with an arena victory? Or will all be lost on the jagged blade of an opponent's sword?

Apart, on the throne of honor, the Duelmaster looks on, a body of knotted muscles and scars a testimony to his honor. His visage is impassive but his thoughts boil. How long before some young warrior's sword finds his heart -- perhaps one of those he now watches? He shakes himself, casting aside dark thoughts. For the moment, he is the Duelmaster, Champion of the Games. His smoldering eyes scan the arena floor where the warriors assume their fighting stances. His raises his clenched fist and the gladiators leap forward... Victory, disgrace, or death lies awaiting on the open sand.

Dear Gamer,

Welcome to the world of Play-by-Mail games produced by Reality Simulations, Inc. Duel2--the game formerly known as Duelmasters--is a Play-by-Mail game of ancient gladiatorial combat. If you're new to Play-by-Mail gaming, just think or it as a chance to play some of the most realistic and exciting games you will ever come across. Every two weeks, you'll be matching your skills and ingenuity against players from all across the North American continent and beyond. True to our name, our computer-moderated games allow us to closely simulate reality. In Duel2, the first of our games set in the fantastic world of Alastari, you will experience the reality of man-to-man combat in far greater depth than you will find even in role playing games.

Your strategies will be pitted against the strategies of your opponents and the results of each fight determined impartially by computer. And, since our computer are doing all the detail work, you will only have to command your warriors... and then watch as the results come back to you with the detail of a blow-by-blow narrative -- a story you helped write! Each player manages a team of five gladiators, training, developing, and fighting each warrior toward the title of Duelmaster, the feared and honored Champion of the Games. Your exploits, as well as those of your enemies and allies, will be covered in a free newsletter. The newsletter not only lets you know who won or lost, and lists the rankings of every warrior in the arena, but also features regular strategy columns that provide information and hints of winning. There's even space in the newsletter for personal ads between warriors!

We invite you to try Duel2. Both rules and set-up are free and without obligation, and turn fees are only US$3.25 + US$1.50 for each gladiator that you enter into combat. While you set up a full team of five warriors, you may fight some, all, or none of your warriors on any given turn. You only pay for what you play.

Again, the rules are free, as will be the initial character overviews (sentence descriptions of your warrior's strengths and weaknesses) and Duel2 Battle Rules you receive upon training your gladiators. Duel2 is easy to play, yet is filled with a surprising depth of strategy to keep even the most demanding gamer interested. Don't delay your entry into the exciting world of Duel2 and Play-by-Mail gaming.

ROLL UP: Choose a team name (The Blues, The Thugs, etc.) 15 characters maximum including spaces. You design a warrior by adding 14 points to the pre-rolled attributes, with no more than 6 points addition to any one attribute. The maximum that any one attribute may be is 21; the minimum is 3. Size may not be altered. You create 5 warriors using the sheet provided.


NAME: Broke Stroker
ST (Strength) 10 (add 6) 16
CN (Constitution) 10 10
SZ (Size) 10 10
WT (Wit) 9 (add 4) 13
WL (Will) 9 (add 4) 13
SP (Speed) 11 11
DF (Deftness) 11 11

Name each of your warriors (three part name maximum, single names preferred) 15 characters maximum, including spaces, and choose a fighting style.

FIGHTING STYLES: There are 10 different fighting styles to choose from. A warrior's fighting style is permanent (i.e. that's the way he will always fight).

The ten fighting styles are:

BASHING ATTACK -- A brutal, physical, brawling attack style that relies on brute strength and greater mass. Executed by slamming into one's foe and raining blows on him until he falls to the ground. This style's greatest weakness tends to be a lack of mobility and ability to dodge blows. Classic weapon - Mace; general weapon type - Any weapon that smashes into the target.

STRIKING ATTACK -- This very basic style is simply a striking attack which is usually a downward stroke, swung with the most economy of motion. Execution of this style takes many forms, with the simple intent to strike (and occasionally parry) with a minimum of wasted effort. Historically one of the most common fighting style, this method's virtues are that it saves endurance and stamina and that it perhaps the most wide range of effective weapons to choose from. Classic weapon - Broadsword; general weapon type - almost any.

SLASHING ATTACK -- A whirling attack executed with one's body tilted forward, sword arm extended and wrist bent, attempting to slash your opponent. The style gains attack ability at the loss of parrying ability. While a very effective style, users of this style seldom come out of a fight unscathed. Classic weapon - Scimitar; general weapon type - any weapon that slashes.

PARRY-STRIKE STYLE -- This style is simply the striking attack style with more attention paid to economy of motion in parrying. Execution is a simple shift from parry to strike to parry as circumstances arise. The more passive version of the striking style also saves endurance and stamina, and is perhaps the most crafty balance of parrying style ( to wear out your foe while you save energy) and attack -- allowing for an effective, unfrantic attack plan. Classic weapon - shortsword; general weapon type - nearly any weapon that can make a simple striking attack , and effectively parry as well.

LUNGING ATTACK -- A frantic, jabbing and striking style in which one is constantly moving, presenting a difficult target to hit, while finding unexpected chances to strikes one's foe. Executed by keeping one's feet always moving, generally keeping one's weapon pointed at the foe's breast, and often fully extending one's body forward in a lunge to strike past a slow parry. The lunging is a devastating style, but requires a tremendous amount of endurance and stamina. Classic weapon - short spear; general weapon type - any jabbing weapon.

PARRY-LUNGE STYLE -- A combination of defensive parries mixed with lunging attacks (see lunging attack style) when an opening presents itself. Executed by coming from a slightly crouching, turned sideways parrying posture, to a fully extended lunge. Perhaps the best all around style for combining defense with sudden, total attack. Classic weapon - longsword; general weapon type - any weapon that can effectively parry and jab.

WALL OF STEEL STYLE -- This style effectively "surrounds" oneself within a whirl of a constantly swinging weapon. Executed by whirling your weapon over your head, or at your side, or at arms length in a flat arc in front of you. Your constantly moving weapon gives you many options to attack and parry, and also creates a very dangerous zone for foes to move into. This style's only basic weakness is that it requires a tremendous amount of stamina and endurance. Classic weapon - morning star; general weapon type - any weapon of medium to long length that can be somehow be swung in a continuos circle or arc.

TOTAL PARRY -- This style focuses on defense, in particular keeping a parrying weapon in front of oneself. Execution can vary by the weapon type, from the greatsword, which can be held motionless above your head (creating a parry in effect), to a modified , purely defensive "wall of steel" parry style with a scimitar. The principle use of this style is to best use the parrying advantages of a shield, while every once in a while striking with your primary weapon. This style is relatively effortless. Classic weapon - shield; general weapon type - virtually any weapon that can parry effectively.

AIMED BLOW ATTACK STYLE -- A very limited style which holds back blows until they can strike a predesignated body location (i.e. the target location - see basic rules overview), some chink in armor, or an easily struck and unprotected body location. Execution can be a modified attack of any type (strike, lunge, bash) with care taken to only attack when a good target presents itself. This is one of the oddest fighting styles to watch, as the aimed blow expert can appear a very inadequate duelist - allowing striking opportunities slip past (often standing nearly motionless while onlookers gape!), all the while steadily attacking a few chosen locations and in perfect control of the situation. It is a relatively effortless style. Classic weapon - Quarterstaff; general weapon type - any weapon that can be used with great precision. NOTE - the fist and kick are best used with this style, and an unarmed combat specialist must use it to be effectively.

PARRY RIPOSTE --This flashy style focuses of the riposte (counterstrike), utilizing one's foes errors. Execution most commonly takes the form of a rather stiff, formal En Garde position, with the elbow slightly more bent than in the classic parry-lunge style. This style is very unagressive, yet can be very dangerous against a clumsy foe ( or fighting style). It is also an untaxing style that husbands stamina. Classic weapon - epee; general weapon type - light, quick, thrusting weapons that can parry well.


ST (Strength) - Strength is of primary importance in determining your capability to be encumbered and your ability to do extra damage with blows. Strength also plays a part in your endurance, attack ability, ability to effectively wield heavy weapons, and in other situations where brute strength can give an edge.

CN (Constitution) - Constitution is of primary use in determining your endurance and your ability to take damage. It is also related to your encumbrance capability.

SZ (Size) - Size is most important in determining your ability to do extra damage with blows. However, large or small size can affect your ability to take damage, dodge and avoid blows, attack, and initiate action. Some large weapons will be better used by larger warriors, and will overbalance smaller warriors.

WT( Wit) - Wit is most concerned with your ability to learn from your experience (should you live that long). Wit is also related to your ability to initiate action and respond to action, avoid mistakes, and make intelligent dueling decisions. Some weapons are better used by brighter warriors.

WL (Will) - Will is the intangible factor. It relates to a lot of things in a general way. It is part of the ability to take damage, endurance, attack ability, parrying ability and general mental toughness.

SP (Speed) - Speed is primary in gaining the initiative. It is also important in the ability to riposte (counterstrike), dodge, parry well, and protect a chosen portion of your own body (see protect location -- basic rules overview).

DF ( Deftness) - Deftness is the primary requirement of the riposte (counterstrike), and is important in dodging, attacking skill, and precision in attacking. Deftness also is related to overall body control and balance. High deftness is required for effectively using some weapons.


The rules are very simple. The duel is reported in one minute segments. The fight goes on until one warrior cannot continue due to wounds, or exhaustion or death. For each fight you must equip your gladiator with weapon(s) and select armor and helm (or lack of them). You must select your warrior's Activity Level (s) for the entire fight. Also for each minute during the first five minutes you will select your warriors Attack and Protect Locations, Offensive and Defensive Tactics, Offensive Effort, and Kill Desire. The Activity Level is your warriors willingness to remain active during the fight. Generally, some fighting styles need less activity, requiring stability and balance (example Bashing Attack). Activity Levels range from 1 (very stable) to 10 (very active and mobile, but tiring). Attack and Protect Locations: your warrior will attempt to strike the attack location noted, and will try very hard to parry blows to his Protect Location. Offensive and Defensive Tactics are "tricks" that your warrior may attempt that minute. Offensive Effort ranges from 1 (making few attacks and conserving endurance) to 10 (continual attempts at attack, which is exhausting). Very high Offensive Effort attempt will subtract from your defensiveness. Kill Desire ranges from 1 (attempting not to kill) to 10 (very much trying to kill), to the extent that the higher Kill Desire attempt will subtract from your Defensiveness. This has been a rules overview only; a detailed turn form with instructions will be available when your character overviews are returned. On your character overviews will be a brief summary of your character's overall abilities and weaknesses.


Think in terms two types -- big and strong or quick and deft. Odd and creative combinations of the two types are possible, if matched to a correct fighting style. While the Wall of Steel and the Lunging styles have perhaps the most to offer per stroke, they each have weaknesses, exhaustion being the worst. While a high attribute (say ST 19) can do great things for a character, this unavoidably means that other attributes are being ignored, and very low attributes (say SP 5) can do some generally bad things. In general, odd numbered attributes are better than even numbered attributes (due to roundups).

Good luck! May the best man always win (fat chance), and may cowards always die.

Duel II, formerly known as Duelmasters, is a game run by Reality Simulations Inc (or RSI) out of Tempe, Arizona. While there are far fewer players than in its heyday, there is still an active and vocal community of players (commonly called managers, as they "manage" stables of gladiators in this fantasy world).

Some links:

Reality Simulations Inc

The Duel II introduction and links to rules

The Duel II forums and community

Over the years, there has been an increased focus on tournaments by the managers of Duel II. Tournaments occur four times each year, two mail-in tournaments in the fall and the spring, and two face-to-face tournaments in the winter (in Tempe, Arizona) and in the summer (roving, generally on the east coast). Some managers send fifty or a hundred warriors to these tournaments in an attempt to win prizes, that allow you to create special warriors, special teams, or make existing warriors better.

While these are enjoyable and are probably one of the reasons that this game is still successful, there has been a movement in recent years to limit the effects of tournaments and tournament prizes on the traditional game and to capture some of the vigor of the game's youth. To this end, players lobbied for and created two arenas where tournaments and tournament prizes were prohibited, one regular speed (two week turnaround) and one slow speed (one month turnaround). These old-school arenas have been a huge hit and would be a great place for a new or returning player to place a team. Below is the most recent online newsletter for the regular speed no-tourney arena (while results are still distributed by postal mail, the newsletters are posted online in addition for easy reference).


Date   : 03/23/2011    Duedate: 04/05/2011


DM-81    TURN-110

This Weeks Top Honors


(81-1200) [27-12-0,104]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

LA PENTARCHIE (11)             O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)
(81-1262) [17-14-1,130]        (81-1495) [6-1-0,47]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

FIMNAR                         FIMNAR
(81-1053) [22-28-1,106]        (81-1053) [22-28-1,106]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. LA PENTARCHIE (11)          76
2. O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)       60      LA PENTARCHIE (11)
3. PHILANTHROPISTS (85)        49      Unchartered Team
4. WARMASTERS (15)             44
5. JUNGLELAND (103)            38      O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
1- 1*BUBBA'S 66TH ARMY (120)   11   4  1 73.3   1/ 3 JUNGLELAND (103)         12  3 0
2- 3 CAPITAL CARTEL (93)      137  92  6 59.8   2/ 1 FUCHI OWNED (54)         11  4 1
3/ 4 LA PENTARCHIE (11)       316 229 12 58.0   3/10 LA PENTARCHIE (11)       10  5 2
4/ 5 AMERICAN MUSCLE (43)     198 147 10 57.4   4/16 ARCHAIC CHAOS (111)      10  5 0
5/ 2 MIDDLE WAY 12 (122)       34  26  0 56.7   5/ 4 OTTO'S DINER (96)        10  5 0
6/ 8 DARQUE AGES (29)         243 196 10 55.4   6/13 PHILANTHROPISTS (85)      9  6 0
7/ 9 DRAGONBANE GUILD (13)    300 246  9 54.9   7/14*O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)     9  6 0
8/ 7 SUMMERBORN (104)          95  79  7 54.6   8/22 WARMASTERS (15)           8  7 2
9/13 JUNGLELAND (103)         101  91  1 52.6   9/ 2 LITERATE LOONS (40)       8  7 0
10/10 FUCHI OWNED (54)         185 169  8 52.3  10/ 8 AMERICAN MUSCLE (43)      8  7 0
11/11 WARMASTERS (15)          281 262 24 51.7  11/ 7 FURRY FURY (25)           8  7 0
12-12 RODENT CLAN (37)         192 181 11 51.5  12/18 DARQUE AGES (29)          7  8 1
13/15 CLAN LONGBEARD (39)      279 270 13 50.8  13/12 CLAN LONGBEARD (39)       6  9 0
14/14 OF WOLF AND MAN (57)     265 257 12 50.8  14/23 THE MONSANTIS (112)       6  9 0
15/16 OTTO'S DINER (96)        117 118  3 49.8  15- 5*BUBBA'S 66TH ARMY (120)   5  0 0
16/18 PHILANTHROPISTS (85)     102 108  2 48.6  16/27 BATTLE GRUNTS (20)        5  5 2
17/26*O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)     17  18  0 48.6  17- 6 CAPITAL CARTEL (93)       5  5 1
18/19 LITERATE LOONS (40)      259 289 11 47.3  18/17 CORPORATE IDIOTS (92)     5  8 0

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
19/17 CORPORATE IDIOTS (92)     41  47  0 46.6  19/ 9 OF WOLF AND MAN (57)      5 10 0
20/23 THE MONSANTIS (112)       44  51  2 46.3  20/21 DRAGONBANE GUILD (13)     5 10 0
21/22 FURRY FURY (25)          150 175  7 46.2  21/20 MIDDLE WAY 12 (122)       5 10 0
22/21 THE RED BLADES (88)      122 143  7 46.0  22/15 SUMMERBORN (104)          4  6 1
23/24 MONSTER MANUAL (87)      119 149  5 44.4  23/24 FUZZY BUNNIES (110)       4  6 0
24/25 BATTLE GRUNTS (20)       123 163 13 43.0  24/19 THE RED BLADES (88)       4 11 1
25/27 ARCHAIC CHAOS (111)       40  65  4 38.1  25/11*DETHKLOK (119)            4 11 1
26/28 FUZZY BUNNIES (110)       41  73  1 36.0  26/29 PAPER TIGERS (114)        3  3 0
27/20*DETHKLOK (119)             7  13  1 35.0  27/25 MONSTER MANUAL (87)       3 10 0
28/29 PAPER TIGERS (114)        11  28  1 28.2  28/26*MMA WARRIORS (121)        3 10 0
29/30*MMA WARRIORS (121)         4  14  0 22.2  29-30 RODENT CLAN (37)          0  1 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

Fellow Shadowspirians!

     It is a proud day for me and for my stable, Jungleland, as I now ascend the
throne as the Duelmaster of the greatest of all arenas, Shadowspire.  Us
Junglelanders have been around every turn for a year and a half now, slowly working
our way up the ranks.  Since all the prodigies on the stable have been killed, it is
me and ol' Bobby Jean that have become the forerunners for our team.  Bartender is
not too happy about that, I can assure you.
     I still remember the day, though, 18 months ago, when I arrived in Shadowspire
for the annual scum showcase.  It was hosted by Bartender in his dive bar, the Stone
Pony.  Me and four other scum competed against each other by seeing who could stand
completely motionless the longest.  The competition was extremely stiff and we were
actually all drafted that day even though there were only two managers present.
Well, actually, it was one Agent and one Manager.
     The first four scum auctions went smoothly and the Agent and the Manager got two
scums each but when it was time for my auction a huge brawl began.  Catheters and
moose hats were flying about in the bar and eventually Bartender intervened himself.
I liked his style and when I learned that he was putting togheter a team, I decided
to join him.
     Speaking of Bartender, he is such a sucker for numbers and have told me to tell
you the following fun statistics:
     I am 16-3 against TPs and 10-9 against others.  Guess who I will be challenging?
     I have fewer skills than Rosalita had at birth and still no rating.  Guess I
will be around for a while, eh?
     I have close to ten hours on the sands.  That should be a record, right?
     Well, I guess I will be hunted pretty badly now that I have shown mu ugly snot.
And this column probably made me less popular than before but, let's face it, I have
no chance of being the popularity leader.
     My challenges, of course, will go to whatever scum is in Challenger Champs.
     Good luck to you all on the sands!

Duelmaster Outlaw Pete

P.S.  I will leave an hour glass on the throne when I leave it.

                                      SPY REPORT

     Thankyouthankyou.  It's great for me, The Unknown Spymaster to be back in
SHADOWSPIRE.  Hope you enjoy the show.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I already got paid!  
Say good-bye to FUCHI OWNED, as they are pushed from the coveted top team spot by the
JUNGLELAND stable.  Take a look at ARCHAIC CHAOS' act, as they have a 4-1-0 week and
gain 12 places in the team ranking.  Rising in the ranks like a loaf of armored bread
(okay, I admit it's corny) is WARMASTERS, who swept up 14 places in the ranks.  Take
a look at BATTLE GRUNTS' act, as they have a 2-3-1 week and gain 11 places in the
team ranking.  Suffering under a 0-5-0 record and dropping from 11th to 25th place
were the DETHKLOK.  Keep trying!  O' HOLY KNIGHTS is no joke as it posted a 5-0-0
week advancing from 14th place to 7th place.  Hey everybody, watch out for CLASSIC
NAPALM, who flew up 26 points in the rankings after mashing CYRIL WYRMSLAYER like a
melon.  Keep your eye on this guy.  And falling like a basher in the top ten was
KIRLUA NORIS, who dropped 19 points after a disappointing (to say the least) bout
with SUICIDE SEED.  Drawing on all of his experience as a 19-25-0 warrior, SINISTER
SNOOPY went for the Duelmastership against OUTLAW PETE this week.  Going for the
gusto and coming up with aught but bloody knuckles was FURRY FURY's SINISTER SNOOPY,
who was turned away from the Duelmastership by OUTLAW PETE.  Can you believe they are
paying me 10 gold to deliver this stuff?  
     But enough of that bunch, let's get on to the wimps who like to avoid battle!  
Did you hear that CAPITAL CARTEL was most avoided team this week?  Well, knowing the
personal hygiene of CAPITAL CARTEL's warriors, I'm not surprised!  Okay, so I may not
be funny, but catch CORPORATE IDIOTS' act in the arena.  Those acrobats seem to be
fairly deft at running from CAPITAL CARTEL.  Well just about everybody wants a piece
of PANDERA PAX, who was this week's most challenged warrior.  Well, it looks like
SAVIOR STRENGTH wasn't happy with last turn's rank, so he went for broke by
challenging up 27 points.  No guts, no glory.  I heard SAVIOR STRENGTH laughed all
the way to the inn as his new point total of 26 was posted in the arena.  I guess
beating NATHAN really pays!  In a touching display by a 'touched' warrior, WEE TREE
KING went after SNACKPACK, who was higher by 24 points.  Well, when the dust settled,
     Remember that an arena is not always a safe place to be, but it is one of the
most interesting, though!  This week 7-5-0 LUHAN was sent to the Dark Arena.  I know
a lot of fighters with similar records who might take notice of this.  For those of
you who missed it, Death showed up, grabbed HR by the ear and took her away to a
place where she won't need a coat.  Yes, and another newbie bites the dust as TIAMAT
goes down under the sword of FLACCUS.  Thanks to this, FLACCUS now has 40 recognition
points.  Proving again that SHADOWSPIRE is not rated G, CLASSIC NAPALM of the LA
PENTARCHIE slew the warrior CYRIL WYRMSLAYER in a rather bloody bout.  Let's look for
a bloodfeud.  In the 'Oops, What Have I Done?' category, BOWTIE BOB was mashed by
NYDERAWYN, who let BOWTIE BOB know that killing members of PHILANTHROPISTS is a
no-no.  Congrats to BUNNY FOO FOO for revenging the death of hers teammate (but more
importantly, feeding CREIDDY LAD a bit of dirt).  In the 'Oops, What Have I Done?'
category, KILGORE was mashed by VELVETEEN, who let KILGORE know that killing members
of FUZZY BUNNIES is a no-no.  Ask not the elves for counsel, for they will say both
yes and no.  Silly buggers, eh?  
     Well, there's the manager of the SHADOWSPIRE giving me the 'cut' sign (or is
that 'They're going to strangle you in the alley?).  Okay, so I may not be the
world's best comedian, but then you guys aren't the world's best warriors.  Its been
real, and its been fun, but it hasn't been real fun...-- The Unknown Spymaster  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
OUTLAW PETE 1200             27  12  0   104       JUNGLELAND (103)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
CLASSIC NAPALM 1262          17  14  1   130       LA PENTARCHIE (11)
MACEO 928                    14  10  1   118       FUCHI OWNED (54)
BOBBY JEAN 1197              21  18  0   107       JUNGLELAND (103)
FIMNAR 1053                  22  28  1   106       CLAN LONGBEARD (39)
VIRGINIA WOOLF 1263          12  19  1   104       LITERATE LOONS (40)
NYDERAWYN 1046               16  15  0   103       PHILANTHROPISTS (85)
PIT FIEND 1344               13   8  1   103       MONSTER MANUAL (87)
SINISTER SNOOPY 1069         19  26  0   102       FURRY FURY (25)
A.E. HOUSMAN 1306            17   9  1    99       LITERATE LOONS (40)
'08 CHALLENGER 920           12   7  1    96       AMERICAN MUSCLE (43)
'69 FAIRLANE COBRA 1007      10   3  1    95       AMERICAN MUSCLE (43)
SUPVSR 1083                  11   7  0    94       CORPORATE IDIOTS (92)
BOWTIE BOB 930               14  10  1    93       FUCHI OWNED (54)
SHAVIOLA 1322                18   7  0    91       OF WOLF AND MAN (57)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-PRONATE 1320                 15   9  2    91       CAPITAL CARTEL (93)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
'68 ROAD RUNNER 747          20  11  0    88       AMERICAN MUSCLE (43)
NARYAK 1296                  16  12  1    88       CLAN LONGBEARD (39)
HEINRIK 1257                 15  19  1    86       CLAN LONGBEARD (39)
VICTOR 1369                  11   8  1    86       WARMASTERS (15)
-MICE AND DICE 1247           10   4  1    85       RODENT CLAN (37)
MAGIC RAT 1317               15  11  0    80       JUNGLELAND (103)
KISS MY GRITS 1252           22  13  0    79       OTTO'S DINER (96)
'66 CORVETTE 1036             8   3  2    78       AMERICAN MUSCLE (43)
VACA 1210                    19  16  1    74       SUMMERBORN (104)
ZEVRAN 1258                  16  17  1    72       OF WOLF AND MAN (57)
'71 MACH ONE 952             11   6  0    72       AMERICAN MUSCLE (43)
NIN QUAYNE 1552               8   4  0    70       MIDDLE WAY 12 (122)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
CICERO 1266                  17  12  0    66       WARMASTERS (15)
MADDENED MEERKAT 1134        12  30  0    66       FURRY FURY (25)
CHARLES MARTEL 1346          10   9  1    66       DARQUE AGES (29)
PIZZARRHEA 1348              13   8  1    65       OTTO'S DINER (96)
LIGDISH BANG 983             12  24  0    60       PHILANTHROPISTS (85)
ZOG CORNERSTONE 1319         12  13  0    60       LA PENTARCHIE (11)
MARCO POLO 1375              11   5  1    60       DARQUE AGES (29)
MADAM MARIE 1356             14   7  0    58       JUNGLELAND (103)
JAGER VON DRACHEN 1341       13   9  0    58       DRAGONBANE GUILD (13)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
SHILLELAGH TOR 1294          14  14  0    56       THE RED BLADES (88)
PATROCLUS 1410                9   3  1    56       ARCHAIC CHAOS (111)
HOLY SHIITAKE 1433            9   3  0    56       OTTO'S DINER (96)
SUICIDE SEED 1402             6   6  2    56       THE MONSANTIS (112)
PANDERA PAX 1406              7   6  0    51       ARCHAIC CHAOS (111)
PORCUPAIN 1453                5   6  1    50       FURRY FURY (25)
BUNNY FOO FOO 1476            5   2  0    50       FUZZY BUNNIES (110)
ARCHON 1390                  11   6  0    47       OF WOLF AND MAN (57)
FIDGET 1403                   9   7  2    47       LA PENTARCHIE (11)
ANGEROO 1452                  9   2  0    47       FURRY FURY (25)
BIG BONES BILLIE 1442         7   5  0    47       JUNGLELAND (103)
WEE TREE KING 1495            6   1  0    47       O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)
-GUTTER BALL 1361             12   7  0    43       CAPITAL CARTEL (93)
HIPPODAMEIA 1468              5   2  1    43       ARCHAIC CHAOS (111)
-PUNT 1366                     8  10  0    42       CAPITAL CARTEL (93)
FLACCUS 1455                  4   7  1    40       WARMASTERS (15)
LUGG OPAR 1548                6   6  0    38       MIDDLE WAY 12 (122)
SNACKPACK 1466                5   4  0    38       FUCHI OWNED (54)
OFFICE BRWN NOSER 1114       10   7  0    37       CORPORATE IDIOTS (92)
SISI BA-NETERU 1488           4   4  2    37       THE RED BLADES (88)
CREIDDY LAD 1484              5   3  1    36       SUMMERBORN (104)
MALLE PENNELIS 1553           7   5  0    35       MIDDLE WAY 12 (122)
STALKING STUFFR 1493          3   4  0    35       O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)
DOPPLEGANGER 1382             8  10  0    34       MONSTER MANUAL (87)
JAKLAK 1430                   6   7  0    34       CLAN LONGBEARD (39)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
TURIN 1486                    5   3  0    33       DRAGONBANE GUILD (13)
SQUASHAPILLAR 1478            4   5  1    33       FURRY FURY (25)
WONDERFACE 1522               4   1  0    33       LA PENTARCHIE (11)
ROUNDUP 1388                  5   8  0    32       THE MONSANTIS (112)
KIRLUA NORIS 1549             8   4  0    31       MIDDLE WAY 12 (122)
ALP ARSLAN 1473               5   3  0    31       DARQUE AGES (29)
PETRONIUS 1434                7   5  2    30       WARMASTERS (15)
-LT SHINY SIDES 1524           3   0  0    30       BUBBA'S 66TH ARMY (120)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
OAKHURST 1509                 5   1  0    27       THE MONSANTIS (112)
COL. KURTZ 862                4   6  0    27       BATTLE GRUNTS (20)
SAVIOR STRENGTH 1535          2   2  0    26       O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)
-RATURDAY KNIGHT 1440          4   1  0    24       RODENT CLAN (37)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
EYE 1419                      4  10  0    23       PAPER TIGERS (114)
VELVETEEN 1431                4   5  0    23       FUZZY BUNNIES (110)
TYGER 1421                    4  10  0    23       PAPER TIGERS (114)
SILENT KNIGHT 1497            4   3  0    22       O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)
BENEDICT 1470                 4   5  0    22       OF WOLF AND MAN (57)
EREKEK ZEZERUB 1547           2   0  0    22       PHILANTHROPISTS (85)
MR WIGGLES 1477               3   4  0    21       FUZZY BUNNIES (110)
SCUMPUNCHER 1546              2   0  0    21       BATTLE GRUNTS (20)
HAROLD ANGEL 1494             2   5  0    21       O' HOLY KNIGHTS (118)
JOHN F QUEENY 1429            5   4  0    20       THE MONSANTIS (112)
POLI SARCHIS 1550             5   5  0    20       MIDDLE WAY 12 (122)
GLOOM 1528                    3   2  0    20       FUCHI OWNED (54)
-BANK SHOT 1471                5   3  0    19       CAPITAL CARTEL (93)
GROWLER 908                   4   3  2    19       BATTLE GRUNTS (20)
KILGORE 863                   4   6  1    19       BATTLE GRUNTS (20)
TOM WOLFE 1467                4   6  1    19       LITERATE LOONS (40)
LIZZIE DUSK 1538              3   1  0    18       THE RED BLADES (88)
-AK'S & CHEVROLETS 1527        3   0  0    17       BUBBA'S 66TH ARMY (120)
TALL FALL 1534                2   2  0    17       PHILANTHROPISTS (85)
WALKER PERCY 1474             3   6  0    15       LITERATE LOONS (40)
NATHAN 1519                   2   2  1    15       DETHKLOK (119)
SUNTAN 1566                   1   0  1    15       SUMMERBORN (104)
-1010011010 1526               2   1  1    14       BUBBA'S 66TH ARMY (120)
TEST IDIOT 1520               1   2  0    14       CORPORATE IDIOTS (92)
JOHANN ECK 1560               1   1  0    13       DARQUE AGES (29)
TYDEUS 1539                   1   2  0    13       ARCHAIC CHAOS (111)
SAFFORD 1564                  1   0  0    12       PHILANTHROPISTS (85)
-ANIMAL 1523                   2   1  0    11       BUBBA'S 66TH ARMY (120)
-PURPLE DRO 1525               1   2  0    11       BUBBA'S 66TH ARMY (120)
FIVE 1572                     1   0  0    11       LA PENTARCHIE (11)
OZYMADIAS NIX 1507            2   4  0    10       THE RED BLADES (88)
ZIGGY PIKE 1487               1   7  0    10       DRAGONBANE GUILD (13)
TOKI 1517                     2   2  0     9       DETHKLOK (119)
ALEUIN 1561                   1   1  0     9       DARQUE AGES (29)
-VERMINOTAUR 1485              2   2  0     8       RODENT CLAN (37)
ANIMAL EDGE 1532              2   2  0     8       MMA WARRIORS (121)
SPORK 1562                    2   0  0     8       OTTO'S DINER (96)
AENEAS 1558                   1   1  0     7       ARCHAIC CHAOS (111)
LEELA 1225                    1   3  0     6       BATTLE GRUNTS (20)
SUBPRIME RIB 1567             1   0  0     6       OTTO'S DINER (96)
SKWISGAAR 1515                1   3  0     6       DETHKLOK (119)
MURDERFACE 1518               1   3  0     6       DETHKLOK (119)
GEORGIA ST PIERRE 1531        1   3  0     6       MMA WARRIORS (121)
PICKLES 1540                  1   2  0     5       DETHKLOK (119)
JUNEBUG 1543                  1   1  0     4       SUMMERBORN (104)
LIZARD MAN 1544               0   2  0     2       MONSTER MANUAL (87)
NO DICE SON 1559              0   2  0     2       SUMMERBORN (104)
CREYE COEUR 1565              0   1  0     1       THE MONSANTIS (112)
DAWN CERES 1573               0   1  0     1       THE RED BLADES (88)
KNUT SUNDERHELM 1569          0   1  0     1       DRAGONBANE GUILD (13)
LAMIA 1568                    0   1  0     1       MONSTER MANUAL (87)
-AMERICAN MOUSCLE 1505         0   1  0     1       RODENT CLAN (37)
-CREASE 1459                   0   1  0     1       PAPER TIGERS (114)
-BENGALI 1458                  0   1  0     1       PAPER TIGERS (114)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD                W  L K TEAM NAME            SLAIN BY              TURN Revenge?
HR 1039                10  8 0 CORPORATE IDIOTS 92  VICTOR 1369           110  
YES MAN 1557            0  1 0 CORPORATE IDIOTS 92  DARK CHAMPION         110  NONE
EL CID 1443             5  3 1 DARQUE AGES 29       PIZZARRHEA 1348       107  REVENGED
RABBIT LOAF 1574        0  1 0 FUZZY BUNNIES 110    SPYMASTER             110  NONE
RABBIT STEW 1575        0  1 0 FUZZY BUNNIES 110    HIGH ELF              110  NONE
TRIXIE BUNNY 1537       0  2 0 FUZZY BUNNIES 110    KILGORE 863           109  JUST REVENGED
GORE VIDAL 1555         1  1 0 LITERATE LOONS 40    GROWLER 908           110  
GRAHAM GREENE 1435      4  6 0 LITERATE LOONS 40    NATHAN 1519           108  REVENGED
CYBORG SANTA 1529       1  3 0 MMA WARRIORS 121     SUNTAN 1566           110  
TIAMAT 1504             5  2 0 MONSTER MANUAL 87    FLACCUS 1455          110  
LUHAN 1441              7  5 0 OF WOLF AND MAN 57   WURM KIN              110  NONE
ANGRY SALAD 1432        6  4 0 OTTO'S DINER 96      PRONATE 1320          108  REVENGED
ELILAD 1055            18 11 0 PHILANTHROPISTS 85   BOWTIE BOB 930        109  JUST REVENGED
LIFE PATENT 1340        7  9 0 THE MONSANTIS 112    FIDGET 1403           108  REVENGED
ISIS BLOODSTONE 1475    4  4 0 THE RED BLADES 88    CHARLES MARTEL 1346   109  
LUKE WAYFARE 1413       5  6 0 THE RED BLADES 88    FIDGET 1403           106  REVENGED
TITINIUS 1492           1  6 0 WARMASTERS 15        DARK CHAMPION         110  NONE

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Fidget -- Adieu. -- Suicide Seed

Growler -- A bit of experience mismatch, I know.  Still, I enjoyed stabbing you
repeatedly.  The only profession where being psychotic pays off aye? -- Roundup

Tall Fall -- Sissy. -- Oakhurst

Wee Tree King -- You were exceptional in our duel.  But, no skills!  I guess that is
one more reason to avoid you. -- John F Queeny

Pickles -- Your challenge was politely deemed "perverse", but I prefer the word
"idiotic."  I guess your manager wanted a reason to bloodfeud, eh? -- Hippodameia

Erekek Zezerub -- That's a name for a lotion for treating camels' boils, isn't it?
Well, thanks for the skills, anyway... -- Tydeus

Luhan --  Other than hitting me once (while I was waving to my GF, thanks so much),
it WAS one-sided, don't you think?  And BTW, what's with all that armor?  Try
sunblock instead; you'll smell better! -- Patroclus

Punt -- Whoah Nellie!  I figured to win in the 2nd or 3rd minute, not in the FIRST!
Did you accidentally tie your sandals together again? -- Pandera Pax

Spork -- Hhhmmmm.  An implement that can't decide whether or not it should be a fork
or a spoon...  The name fits you well, as you couldn't seem to decide whether you
should parry or run away.  Good thing your gender and style were picked for you. --

Nice mini-spotlight in the DM's column!

Punt -- Brown nosers don't get laid off, pshaw!  We get promoted after the non-nosers
get fired!  I could be around for a while! -- Office Brwn Noser -- everybody's
bestest best friend.

Magic Rat must be magic with all of these good match ups he keeps getting.  I really
don't like Rats in my office, even magic ones!  They chew up the paper, leave messes
on your desk and are over all nasty creatures. -- Office Brwn Noser Everybody's
bestest best friend except rats.

Charles Martel -- I don't make the rules, I just enforce the policies. -- HR

Well, 3-2 with a bloodfeud and one DA, it's almost miraculous!  But the new guy is
again crappy, and this first DA streak in our beloved arena is quite disappointing...
I could even regret the departed Four, an ambidextrous Basher dealing Tremendous 17-
9-20-15-9-3-11!  Why did I DA ?? -- LP

Well challenged, Murderface... I would have tried, too! -- Wonderface

Ting-Ting -- Well, darling, that was pretty impressive.  I wish I could have given
you a better showing.  Although crit parrying from my back goes a long way towards
fixing things for sure. -- Shaviola

Snackpack -- Not sure what happened there, bit of a messup on the strategy.  I
thought I was someone else apparently!  Too much booze! -- Benedict

     I have occasionally wished I was someone else.

All -- Yet another warrior to the Dark Arena!  Luhan was a freak that somehow got 7
wins pretty early despite only learning Init his entire 11 fights.  He was a Slasher
with the numbers 17-17-12-15-8-8-7, Normal End, Great Damage.  After 11 fights he had
8 Attack and 6 Dec.  Time to go! -- Tripwire

Elthor -- Blech, I need to graduate quickly, my manager is losing patience! -- Zevran

Madame Marie -- Nicely done!  I got my final train now on to skills for a bit! --

Pickles -- Speaking for the deceased Reigning Cain, I can tell you it was an awesome
fight and Cain died with great respect for you.  He was a hell of a teacher, but if
you knew him as we did, you'd agree he was somehow "put together all wrong." -- The
Chief (team manager)

Spymaster -- Unparalleled report last week.  It's jobs like that which make this
arena the best in Duel2. -- The Chief
P.S.  Georgia is safe, having defeated a 3-0 fighter the previous week, and hey!  Why
no commentary on my WINS?!?! :)  Thanks again for such a fantastic job!

     I'm still getting the hang of this place.  I recognize about half of you
     managers out of hand, and a lot of the others when I have the cheat-sheet handy,
     but not everyone.  Which team are you managing? -- Larkin

All -- I'm greatly appreciative of/for the warm welcome.  In my short time here (and
first in 25 years!!) I already recognize how far superior this arena is to any I've


Harold Angel -- Congratulations.  Your record may not reflect it, but you are
responsible for the kill on Titinius.  His loss to you resulted in his night fight
armed with a War Flail. -- Vanek, Manager of Warmasters

Benedict -- You're welcome! -- Petronius

Battle Grunts -- Welcome back. -- Vanek

Jorja -- Glad you decided to join us!  Welcome aboard! -- Vanek

Nomad -- Nice Duelmaster column.  Very entertaining. -- Vanek

Blue Marble -- No hurry out of here, huh?  But that's just the way I like it: slow
and dull. -- Outlaw Pete

Archon -- Last time you taught me five skills so the zero skills this time was a huge
disappointment. -- Madam Marie, 8 points higher but none the wiser

Bunny Foo Foo -- I would love to have heard the commentators twisting their tongues
around our names during the fight. -- Big Bones Billie

     From off side.  There was spraying.

A.E. Housman -- Random match-ups suck! -- Bobby Jean

Office Brwn Noser -- Didn't realize you got your brown nose from sticking your head
in the sand. -- Magic Rat

DM Outlaw Pete -- Yeah, your skills might not be at their peak yet.  And with that
train you don't seem to be eager to leave either.  Congrats on the title.  Blue
Marble is glad to never have to face you again. -- Blue Marble

Maceo -- Not enough avoids, that is all there is to it. -- Cyril

'69 Fairlane -- I've been seeing a few too many automobiles lately.  Armor just
doesn't cut it when confronted by a ton of steel traveling at 60 mph.  Ouch. -- Jager

Petronius -- Well, that was one more strategy tweak that didn't work.  At least not
this time.  Nice win.  How many more day fights do you think I can hope for? - Ziggy

A painful lesson learned.  When attempting to reach a milestone, never, ever, ever
post that milestone in the ads for the turn on which you hope to accomplish the feat.
It appears to be an easy way to guarantee an 0-5 record.  Ouch.  The gods can be
quite firm about such things.  Lesson learned.

     Damn straight.

All -- It'$B!G (Bs good to be back. I'$B! '(Bll try to be active with the ads.  To
all of those that welcomed me back, thanks. -- Elephant, Manager American Muscle

     I'm leaving the secret code in.  Not sure what it means.

Shaviola -- I may have hit you but in the end you won.  Maybe one of my teammates can
do what I couldn$B!G'(Bt. -- '$B!F'(B71 Mach One

Zevran -- Noted.  Tried the new strat and it was favorable. -- '$B!F'(B68 Road Runner

Big Bones Billie -- Nobody rides me.  I have been known to take a few for a ride
though. -- '$B!F'(B66 Corvette

SiSi -- Sorry that just look too easy for me to pass up.  Let me know if you want a
rematch. -- '$B!F'(B66 Corvette

Jager Von Drachen -- I bet you'$B!G'(Bre really starting to dislike my team at this
point.  I want to assure you we have nothing to do with random match-ups. --
'$B!F'(B69 Fairlane Cobra

Classic Napalm -- A 14 fight advantage in our favor and you teach me nothing.  I want
to go on record stating that I hate you. -- '$B!F'(B71

Sinister Snoopy -- Okay, bad match-up for me all around. I'$B!G'(Bll take the 4
skills, though.  What'$B!G'(Bs Woodstock up to these days? -- '$B!F'(B08

Limp In -- Wow, now I know what it'$B!G'(Bs like to watch paint dry. -- '$B!F'(B68

Road Runner
P.S.  Anyone ever tell you that your manager is kind of weird?  Always referencing
himself as '$B!H'(Bwe'$B!H'(B.  Is that speaking in the 4th person or something?

Hombre -- Whut up?  Long time no talk.  Any word on Paulie or Indimar returning here?
-- Elephant

Spy Reporter -- Excellent job.  Keep up the good work.  I look forward reading your
words each turn. -- Elephant

     Thanks.  But only odd-numbered turns.

Outlaw Pete -- Congrats on the throne!  Next mile marker for you is your first
rating!  It almost makes you cry to see you all growed up... not quite ready to leave
your mother's bossoms yet but you will get there.  <sniffle> -- Gentleben and the
O'Holy Knights and the distant Ctuchik

Hombre and Fuchi Owned -- Hmmm... shouldn't your name be Hombre Owned?  Anyways...
congrats on taking the current top team honors, you have had a fine set of turns. --
O'Holy Knights

Jorja and Middle Way 12 -- Welcome to the party and we shall see what we can do about
that record of yours. -- Gentleben and O'Holy Knights

Larkin (and Jorja's hands) -- Another fine newsletter, you and your borrowed hands
are most enjoyable. -- Gentleben
P.S.  You don't have any more helpful hands around do you?
P.P.S.  I do not mean the helpful hamburger helper hand either?

     I wish!  With an extra set of hands maybe you could get a spy report every turn.
     But Crysalis has a prior claim.

Alps Arslan -- As enjoyable a read Gentleben said that fight was he was most unhappy
with the last five lines... and he was hoping you would have taught better... but
then I didn't so... -- Stalking Stuffr
P.S.  You have Ben put on the "Coal" list, whatever that means.

Titinius -- Thanks, I was hoping for that fight as well, guess I didn't need to use a
double challenge on you. -- Harold Angel

John F. Queeny -- Kings beat Queens in most games. -- Wee Tree King

Flaccus -- Is that like muccus or phlegm like substance, either way you have silenced
me for yet another turn.  Keep your eyes open and your back to the wall. -- Silent

Deepthought -- Right back at ya. -- Gentleben

Lizard Man -- You fight pretty good for a lizard but not so good for a man, so next
time just... -- Savior Strength

Porcupain -- Tell your boss my boss said no. -- Silent Knight

Master Darque -- I've been playing this game for nearly twenty-five years, I remember
the REAL arenas.  As to challenges and avoids... some days it's all I can do (this is
one) to get personals written.  But we'll see. -- Jorja

Bartender -- That's good, because I seem to have a Middle Way team here now. -- Jorja

Goulash -- We join Otto in congratulating you.  It's probably the garlic. -- Jorja

Nomad -- Thanks.  Hmm, if I write enough "thank you" personals, do I have to do
"fight" personals, too?


Gentleben -- Thanks. -- Jorja

Vanek -- Thanks.  I think I remember you from... Dayla Kiv, maybe?  An arena now
sadly depleted.  I'd say, "Come back to Lirith Kai," but what would be the point? --

Hmm, Middle Way 12... that was a LONG time ago.  Five years?  No time for a spotlight
today, but I'm making a note for next time. -- Jorja

It appears that we should congratulate Limp In, Elthor, and Ting-Ting, new graduates.
-- Jorja and the Middle Way

Jaklak -- An unexpected but welcome win for me to begin with.  Sharper competition
than we ever saw on Noblish Island, too!  This is good.  Some of us won't survive,
but those who do will be the better for it. -- Nin Quayne

Victor -- The Power of Names works in your favor.  Ouch. -- Lugg Opar

A Userous Merchant?  Cheese louise!  A standby on my first fight here? -- Kirlua
Noris the slightly disappointed
P.S.  Only slightly, because it IS a win.

HR -- Yeah, well, I blame it on the Commission.  If they hadn't declared me a golem,
of all idiotic things, I would have been more "up" for that fight. -- Malle Pennelis
P.S.  Which you did well.

Col. Kurtz -- Hmm, I see you're Ratani.  You guys over in Ratan never did appreciate
us Rirorni.  But we can get past this, I'm sure. -- Poli Sarchis

18 March 11
All -- Be aware of the comeback of the Cajun and his stables of gladiators!  Just
sayin' -- The Cajun

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

LUHAN was butchered by WURM KIN in a 1 minute bloody Dark Arena fight.
TITINIUS was dispatched by DARK CHAMPION in a 1 minute gruesome Dark Arena battle.
RABBIT STEW was savagely slain by HIGH ELF in a 3 minute Dark Arena fight.
YES MAN was viciously butchered by DARK CHAMPION in a 2 minute gory Dark Arena fight.
RABBIT LOAF was murdered by SPYMASTER in a 1 minute Dark Arena competition.
SHILLELAGH TOR was overpowered by CHARLES MARTEL in a 1 minute Bloodfeud struggle.
NYDERAWYN bested BOWTIE BOB in a 2 minute veteran's Bloodfeud competition.
BUNNY FOO FOO slimly won victory over CREIDDY LAD in a 2 minute Bloodfeud duel.
VELVETEEN won victory over KILGORE in a action packed 3 minute Bloodfeud fight.
TING-TING vanquished SHAVIOLA in a exciting 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
SINISTER SNOOPY was outwaited by OUTLAW PETE in a 9 minute Challenge Title bout.
BOBBY JEAN subdued SUPVSR in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge competition.
'69 FAIRLANE COBRA viciously subdued KISS MY GRITS in a 6 minute Challenge battle.
VACA was overpowered by HEINRIK in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge conflict.
PIT FIEND overpowered ELTHOR in a crowd pleasing 1 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
MAGIC RAT viciously subdued CICERO in a 2 minute bloody veteran's Challenge fray.
LIGDISH BANG was bested by NIN QUAYNE in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge brawl.
VICTOR murdered HR in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge bout.
BIG BONES BILLIE savagely defeated JAKLAK in a 2 minute Challenge fight.
ZOG CORNERSTONE unbelievably bested PANDERA PAX in a popular 3 minute Challenge bout.
SISI BA-NETERU was demolished by PATROCLUS in a 3 minute uneven Challenge bout.
PETRONIUS overcame MR WIGGLES in a 3 minute Challenge contest.
STALKING STUFFR savagely defeated TYGER in a popular 1 minute gory Challenge match.
BENEDICT was vanquished by HIPPODAMEIA in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.
WEE TREE KING defeated SNACKPACK in a exciting 1 minute Challenge bout.
FIDGET vanquished COL. KURTZ in a action packed 1 minute uneven Challenge bout.
OZYMADIAS NIX was beaten by HAROLD ANGEL in a 3 minute Challenge fray.
TIAMAT was savagely slain by FLACCUS in a 5 minute Challenge competition.
ZIGGY PIKE was overpowered by SILENT KNIGHT in a 1 minute uneven Challenge fight.
EREKEK ZEZERUB overpowered JUNEBUG in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.
TALL FALL overpowered LEELA in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
LIZZIE DUSK beat WALKER PERCY in a 2 minute Challenge bout.
SAVIOR STRENGTH overcame NATHAN in a 2 minute amateur's Challenge match.
TEST IDIOT vanquished MURDERFACE in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge fight.
WONDERFACE demolished TOM WOLFE in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge match.
TOKI was beaten by EYE in a 1 minute novice vs. veteran Challenge fray.
'68 ROAD RUNNER was savagely defeated by FIMNAR in a 10 minute veteran's conflict.
A.E. HOUSMAN was beaten by MACEO in a crowd pleasing 5 minute veteran's duel.
CYRIL WYRMSLAYER was murdered by CLASSIC NAPALM in a 1 minute uneven competition.
VIRGINIA WOOLF defeated '71 MACH ONE in a 2 minute battle.
ZEVRAN was vanquished by '08 CHALLENGER in a 1 minute mismatched duel.
NARYAK demolished MARCO POLO in a crowd pleasing 1 minute uneven conflict.
'66 CORVETTE defeated MADDENED MEERKAT in a crowd pleasing 3 minute one-sided brawl.
PIZZARRHEA handily defeated MALLE PENNELIS in a popular 1 minute one-sided match.
ARCHON savagely defeated OFFICE BRWN NOSER in a tiring 21 minute gory duel.
LUGG OPAR was overcome by ANGEROO in a 6 minute bout.
KIRLUA NORIS was handily defeated by SUICIDE SEED in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
HOLY SHIITAKE demolished ALP ARSLAN in a 1 minute one-sided conflict.
MADAM MARIE subdued SQUASHAPILLAR in a 4 minute battle.
PORCUPAIN overpowered GLOOM in a 1 minute mismatched bout.
JAGER VON DRACHEN bested ROUNDUP in a exciting 1 minute conflict.
DOPPLEGANGER was devastated by TURIN in a 1 minute one-sided battle.
POLI SARCHIS was bested by OAKHURST in a 1 minute bloody fight.
JOHN F QUEENY savagely defeated NO DICE SON in a crowd pleasing 1 minute battle.
GROWLER savagely slew GORE VIDAL in a 2 minute gruesome bout.
TYDEUS bested GEORGIA ST PIERRE in a 5 minute bloody novice's fight.
PICKLES was handily defeated by SAFFORD in a 1 minute one-sided contest.
LIZARD MAN was overpowered by FIVE in a 1 minute uneven fight.
SCUMPUNCHER demolished LAMIA in a 1 minute one-sided conflict.
CYBORG SANTA was easily killed by SUNTAN in a 1 minute mismatched bout.
SKWISGAAR was defeated by ALEUIN in a 1 minute amateur's bout.
AENEAS savagely defeated CREYE COEUR in a popular 3 minute gory beginner's duel.
JOHANN ECK defeated ANIMAL EDGE in a 2 minute beginner's fight.
SPORK won victory over DAWN CERES in a 2 minute novice's match.
SUBPRIME RIB savagely defeated KNUT SUNDERHELM in a 3 minute gory novice's duel.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS    
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|STRIKING ATTACK                 25         PARRY-RIPOSTE     45 -  36 -  1      56  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                  20         WALL OF STEEL     59 -  48 -  1      55  |
|WALL OF STEEL                   12         LUNGING ATTACK    72 -  64 -  6      53  |
|TOTAL PARRY                     12         TOTAL PARRY       75 -  73 -  0      51  |
|AIMED BLOW                      11         STRIKING ATTACK  114 - 111 -  9      51  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                   11         SLASHING ATTACK   55 -  56 -  7      50  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                 10         AIMED BLOW        59 -  62 -  3      49  |
|BASHING ATTACK                  10         PARRY-LUNGE       25 -  37 -  1      40  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     8         BASHING ATTACK    43 -  64 -  3      40  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      6         PARRY-STRIKE      24 -  44 -  3      35  |

Turn 110 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

WALL OF STEEL      9 -  3     STRIKING ATTACK   12 - 13         2  TOTAL PARRY    
AIMED BLOW         6 -  5     TOTAL PARRY        5 -  7         2  STRIKING ATTACK
PARRY-LUNGE        3 -  3     SLASHING ATTACK    4 -  6         2  PARRY-RIPOSTE  
PARRY-STRIKE       4 -  4     BASHING ATTACK     4 -  6         2  PARRY-LUNGE    
LUNGING ATTACK    10 - 10     PARRY-RIPOSTE      3 -  8         1  BASHING ATTACK
                                                                1  AIMED BLOW    
                                                                1  LUNGING ATTACK

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
TOTAL PARRY      OUTLAW PETE 1200           27  12  0  104 JUNGLELAND (103)
PARRY-RIPOSTE    MACEO 928                  14  10  1  118 FUCHI OWNED (54)
PARRY-LUNGE      BOBBY JEAN 1197            21  18  0  107 JUNGLELAND (103)
BASHING ATTACK   NYDERAWYN 1046             16  15  0  103 PHILANTHROPISTS (85)
AIMED BLOW       A.E. HOUSMAN 1306          17   9  1   99 LITERATE LOONS (40)
LUNGING ATTACK   '08 CHALLENGER 920         12   7  1   96 AMERICAN MUSCLE (43)
SLASHING ATTACK  BOWTIE BOB 930             14  10  1   93 FUCHI OWNED (54)
WALL OF STEEL    NIN QUAYNE 1552             8   4  0   70 MIDDLE WAY 12 (122)
PARRY-STRIKE     MARCO POLO 1375            11   5  1   60 DARQUE AGES (29)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is FIMNAR 1053.  The most popular warrior this turn was
FIMNAR 1053.  The ten other most popular fighters were '69 FAIRLANE COBRA 1007,

The least popular fighter this week was ARCHON 1390.  The other ten least popular

The following warriors have traveled to AD after fighting this turn:


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