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The PBM Magazine: A Missing Body
I'm new here so maybe I don't have the most informed perspective. I started to read Suspense and Decision last year but then got hit hard with work and a family emergency and hadn't come back to it until this summer. Came here to find out what the state of the zine was. Not sure I fully understand what happened with its present status in limbo. I learned about the zine and this site through the Road of Kings, so I'm a Hyborian War player (I've also played Jason Oates's Company Commander).

Has there ever been consideration in expanding the focus of S&D to other types of old-school games (whether RPG, board games, miniatures, etc.). Maybe could expand the player's pool to other gamers who haven't ever tried PBM/PBeM. Maybe even include video games in the old-school tradition like Wasteland 2 or the recently Kickstarted Bard's Tale IV? Would this dilute the focus too much so that PBM/PBeM gets neglected?
For what it's worth, I truly miss the S&D Magazine. I thioght it was well-written and full of interesting and opinionated debate
(a good thing) on a variety of topics I was interested in. I also found it extremely useful in determining which games were still
active and looking for new players. I felt the gap after issue #9 and hoped for a revival after the hiatus. After spending most of
the last several months in hospital after surgery and recovery, I was saddened to see not.

Should you ever try to resuscitate the mag, I'd vote for keeping the name. I thought the reasons given for it were compelling and
maintaining some level of continuity might be useful. Frankly, though, I'd just like to see it come back either way.

Know that you have at least one (forlorn) fan out here in the wilderness.

- BG
You are not alone, I can assure you.  Confused
(05-11-2015, 03:45 PM)GrimFinger Wrote: It may just be that everything has run its course - the magazine, the website, the PBM Wiki. But, what does it hurt to leave it all intact, as a repository?

Well, it appears that the magazine, at least - Suspense & Decision - has not yet run its course.

Issue #10 was recently published a week ago, today, if memory serves me correctly, and work on Issue #11 is already well under way.

The missing body is no longer missing, it seems. Go figure.
(08-10-2015, 09:23 PM)NOLAbert Wrote: (I've also played Jason Oates's Company Commander).

Hey, Albert - How about writing an article or review of Company Commander for a future issue of Suspense & Decision magazine?

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