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War of Wizards
(06-06-2014, 10:27 PM)harry_wow Wrote: [quote='kwll' pid='3436' dateline='1402070703']
This reads a lot like the Master of Magic computer game. If you had any exposure to it, how would you compare them?

How much does a turn cost?

As I mentioned in Issue #7 of Suspense & Decision, War of Wizards and Masters of Magic are similar in many aspects (although we came to the design independently). There is the same base of managing resources, building (cities and units), expanding and conquering whilst researching magic streams in parallel which gives access to spells. Heroes play an important part in the game by leading armies, exploring special places, using artefacts and casting spells in battle.

The multi-plane map is another similarity with game taking place at ground level, in the underworld and on the Astral Plane.

We haven't run commercial games for a while but it was $2 per turn. We are currently running a crowd funding campaign to build a graphical user interface for the underlying PBeM Game. The rewards associated with this will let players have multiple free games (from pledges of just $5). Beyond just the money to outsource development of a GUI, this is a fantastic opportunity to bring some new people into the WoW Community. The campaign is based at

Thanks for your interest in the WoW project!

(06-06-2014, 05:14 PM)ixnay Wrote: Read the article in issue 7 of Suspense & Decision (this most recent issue) -- it is very similar to MOM, though not intentionally derivative. It was made using the best approach possible in my opinion -- make the game that you yourself wish you could play right now.

Although MOM for me (for a long time) meant "Mail-Order Monsters" a C64 game that required a joystick. You pick a monster chassis, add weapons and other options, and then fight other players or the computer, and if you win, you got points for further upgrades. I still have my C64 and the game in a box somewhere...

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