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War of Wizards
War of Wizards is an fantasy strategy game involving wizards raising armies, managing resources and researching magic. As a player you can: send heroes exploring towers, caves & graveyards, build armies and send them out to conquer your enemies, research the magic arts in areas ranging from Necromancy to Druidic, construct towns, defences & buildings such as Sages Guilds, Taverns, Ship Yards and Beast Pits, feed peasants generously or enslave them. Basically you can do as you wish.

The only restriction is surviving the onslaught of other wizards with similar megalomaniacal intentions. Diplomacy is the key, conversing with other wizards to trade resources, forge alliances and backstab others.

- 16 different races to play
- Over 300 unit types to recruit, summon or hire
- Over 20 hero types
- 10 branches of magic to research giving access to 65 spells
- 43 building types
- Hundreds of wandering monsters to fight and special places to explore

WoW has run as a PBeM game since 1995 and has constantly evolved over this period. We are currently running a crowd funding campaign to launch an updated version. Visit to get access to this new version from as little as $5. Full website for the game can be found at

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