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Empires at War 1805
Hello Tony!

Thank you for your kind words, and apologies for the delay in replying. Moving on to your points:

(02-19-2014, 12:01 AM)Nazareth Wrote: Dimitris,

Thanks for the intro and video, very cool. Several months ago I took advantage of the free 'tutorial' offered and ran into what I would describe as movement snafus. First several turns went very smoothly but after about 4 or 5 turns I had units refusing to move and ships disappeared. Not all, just a couple. I never was able to complete my tutorial. Not sure if it was me or the results of early design issues.

Actually its Makis, Dimitri was the player who made the review for us, but usually I am the one to contact for enquiries!

Yes, we had an issue with the solo game a good while back, but this should now be fixed. If it is not for you, or if you have any other issue, please let us know at (describe the issue or send us a screenshot, mentioning your browser as well, and we usually fix those within 48 hours). You can always "drop" your solo game and restart, as many times as you want actually until you are comfortable with the mechanics presented.

(02-19-2014, 12:01 AM)Nazareth Wrote: So I'm guessing the game is out of Beta and running live. I realize that they have only recently began running commercial, can you tell me how many games are up and running? 1,2,3?

It is out of beta now yes! We are currently running 7 games, that is games 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and filling up game 15 for new players only. (Games 1 to 7 have ended) Soon we will open game 16 with "honour bet" in which usually more experienced players join. You can see everything in detail here:

(02-19-2014, 12:01 AM)Nazareth Wrote: Several questions about 1805.
Has the tactical field battle replaced the 'strategic' battle? I'm assuming the tactical field battle is between players? If so, possible between more than 2 players should the situation call for it?
Is the tactical field battle ran between strategic turns?

Ok, let me clarify a bit the "tactical battle" situation

1. The Field battle is still in beta. You can play it (ask for a country and we will give you the link to join beta) but we have not put it into the core game, because it is not 100% stable yet (it may crush, and will delay game processing as a result, which will result to players killing us in turn!)

2. Field battle is a feature. When a game opens, you chose whether you want Field battles or not. Its pointless now since we don't allow them in games for a while yet, but this is the idea: The game fully runs without Field battles, but this feature will also be available soon for wargamers more interested to fully control what happens.

3. Field Battles will not replace tactical (automatic) battles, they have a condition: both sides need to have 120 battalions or more in the field, otherwise an automatic battle will happen anyway. So this is a feature for LARGE battles, not for just any battle. (there are times you might have multiple battles per turn, especially if you are a colonial power and even single brigades can fight between them, trust me you don't want that many Field battles to run every turn!)

4. Yes Field Battle is only between players. And yes you can have field battles with multiple players as you have seen in the video (2 vs 2) The maximum number of players per side is 3. In such battles you need to cooperate with your allies, since every player only controls his own troops.

(02-19-2014, 12:01 AM)Nazareth Wrote: Are nations chosen as players join or are they randomly assigned after you get 17 players?

No, of course not. You choose what you want to play. If you click here for example to game 15 that is filling up, you can see which nations are already picked, and which ones are up for the taking. Click on the commander, and you pick one yourself (you can only have 1 nation per game - check the attachment, it should help you a bit)

(02-19-2014, 12:01 AM)Nazareth Wrote: What happens to a nation when a player drops? tactical field battles? etc.

a few things can happen:

- it is picked up by another player. We give 60 free credits for picking up inactives, making it worth your time since it is free for many turns
- It is not picked up by anyone in which case us (GMs) may play it! No diplo, no political changes, just movements and economy, so that you don't assume nothing will move there
- in case it is a lost cause or we couldn't find the time to run it, yes all battles happen automatically and no field battles will take place.

(02-19-2014, 12:01 AM)Nazareth Wrote: Do you ever start games without a full 17 player compliment?

No, we fill them up first. Of course it is possible for players to create their own games, in which case they may launch them whenever they feel like

(02-19-2014, 12:01 AM)Nazareth Wrote: And, what is the cost of playing 1805? Any additional fees? field battle fees? etc.

Turn costs range from 0.5 euro per turn to 1 euro per turn, depending on the country. For example Great Britain, France and Russia which are popular countries cost 1 euro per turn. Every other country is cheaper! This was a special half price offer for 2013, which however we are happy to continue.

Turns are weekly, so effectively a player can play Empires at War 1805 with a budget of 2 euro per month. (I pay more for my coffee every day!)

In addition to that, we have multiple special offers:

- 5 euro worth of credits just for opening an account!
- 30 euro worth of credits if you use your facebook/twitter accounts to advertise us
- 10 or 15 euro if you write a review/article for the game that we can use to advertise the game (just like Dimitris did for Suspence & Decision)
- 6 euro for every time you pick up an inactive country
- 15 euro free if you are a student
- Additional free credits for every time you pay us over 20 euro per payment

I know what you are thinking, yes it is possible for a player to play for months without paying anything... we have such players right now.

Are we making money out of it? No we are not, and we are not likely to make money for some time yet. But we do not care at the moment, this is a part time occupation for us, we don't live from it. Also it is a way to present our first "work" as we would like to make more games like EaW in the future. So for now we push advertising and expand our customer base; having so many people playing and enjoying it, is a reward for us already 8)

(02-19-2014, 12:01 AM)Nazareth Wrote: I am a big fan of the Napoleonic era and was happy to see a Oplon Games offer.

Then you are our core target market. Game 15 is still open for new players only (we will kick experienced ones if they try to join!), are you up for the challenge? Wink

Thank you for your inquiries, feel free to ask us anything anytime.


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