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Pre-Publication Checklist for the Staff of Suspense & Decision magazine
In an attempt to both improve quality control, generally, and to reduce typographical errors and glaring oversights, specifically, I have decided to post this pre-publication checklist, to serve as a visual reminder to myself, for the sake of future issues.

[ ] Double check that the dates on the front cover, the index page, and the bottom of all subsequent pages, are correct and the same, for all pages where a date is included for a given issue.

[ ] Extend an invitation to a game company or game moderator, for them to submit an advertisement to occupy the inside front cover of the next forthcoming issue, within one week of the publication of the most recent issue.

[ ] Ensure that the artwork for the front cover is finalized no later than one full week prior to the publication deadline for the next issue.

[ ] Ensure that the compiling of individual articles is completed, by the day immediately following the article's submission, if and where possible, to facilitate reducing the work load on the back end of each issue's compilation.

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