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PBM workshop - Event Horizon
For as long as I've been playing PBM games I have wanted to create PBM games. I did moderate a little role playing thing back in college for a little while. But I've always wanted to do a space empire game. (I have another thread on this, discussing technical options.)

So I thought we could design one in an open forum. Let's pool our brains and experience and design a PBM game we all want to play. Or even a series of them? Who knows. Let's start with this as see how it goes.

I am thinking close-ended space/sci-fi. It would be something vaguely akin to that Far Horizons game we had so much fun with on this forum. So in tribute to that experience, I suggest the name "Event Horizon" (which is a term used in discussing black holes...)

- close-ended
- computer moderated
- web-based UI, but still a turn-based PBM game
- 4X feel (explore expand exploit exterminate)
- include a role for individuals/characters to impact the game
- allow players to design ships/space stations/death stars

In terms of technology, I am going with the following for familiarity's sake and for ease of hosting. But this could easily be changed if others want to contribute to the project in terms of coding in addition to design:

- visual studio (C#)
- mySQL
- viewable through standard browser interface

That's where I'm at so far. Anyone else interested?

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