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[PlayByMail.Net Review] Far Horizons: The Awakening (Turns 1 through 5)
I was partly inspired by Grim, partly by the "Kigal Game Example" written by Peter (though sadly no recent updates!), and partly by this thing they do on CivFanatics (for fans of the civilization computer games) where they post screen-shots of games for discussion and commentary. (I have found these game threads nearly as enjoyable as the game itself!)

I do think that having ALL players post an update each turn would multiply everyone's enjoyment, though I don't think you could do that on a commercial game. Unless, perhaps, you give players a discount for game-logging? Or some other positive reward? Perhaps even let readers vote for their favorite loggers? I remember back in college, playing role-playing games, we had one game-master who would not bestow experience points until you wrote up some sort of account of the day's adventures for his amusement and archive.

I am desperate to see what is going on in the mind of the Tilkatian overlord, and am quite intrigued by The Mold, the NeoHumans, and the mysterious "Leader Rukh" who have all posted once or twice.

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