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Reducing Wasted Time
Of the past 20 instances where people have started playing The Isles, 19 have not submitted a turn past Turn 3 - a drop off of players of 95% and a huge waste of GMing time. 

To really alleviate the amount of time wasted, I'm now going to send out a standardised Prelude turn to new players which does not require anything but the minimum amount of time required to attach the PDF to an email along with a newsletter. From the prelude, a players actions will then dictate what they do, and each players timeline and life will peel off in various directions from this common start (maybe)

The main cause of this drop-off of players so early in the game isn't clear - Its perfectly feasible that The Isles just 'isn't that good' - No-ones really given me either positive or negative feedback as to why they've stopped playing. 

Anyway, attached is the Prelude I'll be using  Tongue

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