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GTac warning about giving ships multiple orders
Fleet management is its own minor topic.  For instance, you can have fleets of fleets (of fleets...).  When I'm running around with a mixed group of ships I'll typically join together all the ships of each single type into fleets, and then join those fleets together to a main flagship.  Then I can give the main flagship orders (such as ATTACK) and all the ships go on the attack.

But each subfleet might want to get into the combat in a different, specialized way.  For instance, you might want the destroyers going after platforms and the drone ships shooting down incoming missiles, etc.  For that you can give each separate sub-fleet a different COMBAT order, even while they're all still joined to the main flagship.

You can also break up the fleet if, at a later time, the faster ships need to get over to a hot spot while the slower ships are following up.  If the faster ships are all in one (or a few) sub-fleets, those sub-flagships can be given independent orders to run over and help out while still maintaining their own fleet structure and without disturbing the rest of the fleet.

Many possibilities abound!

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