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Approaching the PBM Equation from a Different Angle
Thanks for keeping up the good work!

So, here's my problem for PBM 'zines. My background is in tabletop RPGs and miniature wargames. I'm working on my TT RPG 'zine. There, the question of content is relatively easy: discussion pieces, new monsters, new characters, reviews, etc.

I find the question of what content to write for a PBM 'zine much more difficult.

I'm kind of bumping along in Riftlords, right now, so I'm hardly the right person to go to for tactical advice.

So what's left?

I'm interested in running an amateur PBM game of Flashing Blades/ En Garde, Gangbusters, or Golden Heroes. I could imagine submitting campaign write ups or something similar to S&D. But I'd also like to hear from people who've run their own amateur PBMs. How did these go? What challenges did you face? And so on ...

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