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Cohorts (Standalone Version) Alpha Test Released!
We spent quite a long time discussing pricing and marketing strategies today.

It's still not finalized, but I believe we are going to go with this sort of model:

1. Purchase Game plus Starter Module (small, get to know the game module) for $X.
2. Purchase Modules, plus all related module content for $Y, which includes any updates or upgrades to the module.
3. Purchase Online multiplayer 12 month pass for $Z.
4. Purchase Community Edition 12 month pass.

If you purchase multiple game modules, you don't need to purchase additional multiplayer time. Multiplayer access gives you access to all modules you've purchased.

Community edition pass gives you access to the Game Master tool, which you can use to create your own modules. These modules can then be uploaded (and sold) to anybody else with community edition pass.

Any thoughts or comments on this would be appreciated.

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